We’re not off to a great start

BK spent the day at the vet yesterday getting her shots updated and her belly fur shaved off because of all of the mats, and now she’s laying around crying and feeling uncomfortable.

King Boo freaked out when I brought her back home and has been camped out by the couch for about 14 hours. I finally brought some food and water over to him and as soon as he started eating it, Gordo came over and shooed him away so he could eat it. Ass.

Oh, and I had to take my car into the shop this morning because it started making this horrible metal-on-metal scraping sound yesterday when I was taking BK to the vet. Based on the noises I described they told me it was probably the brakes, but I had those replaced a year ago and they shouldn’t need replacing again so soon. Here’s hoping they call and tell me the real issue is something else, but not something else that’s going to be really expensive.

2014, you are not impressing me so far.

Dec. 19 | Sink-dweller

Evil Twin, the diabetic cat, often demands running cold water straight out of the sink, which results in us leaving the faucet running more often than we’d like. This morning he bitched at me to turn on the faucet in the bathroom, which I did, and then I climbed back into bed. When I got up about 20 minutes later and walked into the bathroom to turn the faucet back off, I saw that King Boo had climbed into the sink, curled up and was attempting to sleep.

With water dripping all over him. He was soaking wet. His head, back, tail, feet, everything. I turned off the faucet and he continued to chill in the sink… until he got out and shook the water off of him and all over me.