About This Blog

I started blogging in April 2005 using the desktop program iBlog. Like many people, I wasn’t really sure what a blog was, but I knew I wanted a place to publish my own thoughts. I had been reading the Barenaked Ladies’ blog for a while and figured I’d give it a shot. I don’t remember the URL convention that iBlog used, but I know it was difficult to give out to people that I wanted to tell about my blog (and I didn’t yet own any domain names), so I moved to Blogger sometime in early 2006, I think. I stayed with Blogger for a while, until I realized it had many limitations, and then I moved on to WordPress.com.

This blog has changed names a couple of times, too. My first blog, set up with iBlog, was called Blogosaurus Rex, but I don’t remember what I called it when I first moved over to Blogger. When I noticed blogging becoming more mainstream and that more people were taking notice and actually reading what I had to say, I changed the title of the blog to Megan Blogs. But a while after that iteration, I decided I didn’t like that name anymore and mulled over names that were more appropriate. I noticed that most of what I blogged about came from my long commute home (where I sometimes had HOURS to just sit in traffic and ruminate), and so The Ride Home was born. I also purchased theridehome.net and directed it to point to the blog.

I went through a few template changes, and in February 2009 I began self-hosting this blog so I could tinker with the template files and plugins and install Google Analytics.

Terms of Use

This website may be accessed, used or printed for personal use only. Content may not be republished without my written consent, and RSS feeds may not be used to republish content without express written permission from me.

And while I love to rabble-rouse, stir pots and incite discussion at times, I will not tolerate mean-spirited, hateful or threatening comments toward myself or other commenters on this site. Any comments of this nature will be deleted immediately and without notice.

Oh, and if you send me a threatening email I will publish that shizz in a jiffy.