Dogs are pretty cool

I had this whole blog post written up comparing the way I relate to my cats vs. Stella, but I just re-read it and I sound like I’ve really gone off the deep end. Maybe I have. Maybe I was never sane to begin with. That’s probably more like it.

Anyway, things are good. The house is starting to feel more harmonious; BK has been spending time out of her cat tree, down on the couch with us and sleeping in the bed every night. She ignores Stella for the most part, and will hiss and smack her if she gets too rowdy when she’s nearby, but I’ve seen them sleeping on the couch next to each other a few times so I know she’s not scared or too irritated by her.

We’ve enrolled Stella in a dog day camp once a week to help her expend all of that puppy energy, and let me tell you: It’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny. She comes home completely exhausted and is calm for at least the next day, sometimes two days. She also comes home completely covered in dog spit and dirt, so we’ve had to start bathing her after each visit. She’s pretty good in the tub, but I need to get one of those hand-held sprayers or shower heads that hooks onto a tub faucet. She’s got so much fur, especially now that she has her winter coat, that it takes forever to rinse the shampoo out of her.

I’ve also hired a trainer to come to the house and help me train her with leash walking. We met Julie at Play Dog Excellent when she was the teacher for Stella’s most recent obedience class, Manners Matter. She came out to the house on Tuesday and showed me some exercises I can do outside to help Stella learn where she should walk in relation to me on our walk, and then more importantly, what I can do to teach her not to pull. She’s preparing a full assessment on Stella (which I can’t wait to read), but the main thing is that while Stella wants to please, she also gets ridiculously excited when she goes outside. I need to learn to break through that excitement and get her to focus on me. Hoo boy.

One of the things we learned in that Manners Matter class is that with a “toddler-aged” dog (10 months to two years), you’re going to have a lot of good and a lot of bad days. This is one of the truest things I think I’ve ever heard. We’ll have days where I think Stella is growing up, where she seems like the smartest and best-behaved dog. And then we’ll have days where she scratches to go outside and wants back in 20 times in an hour. Where she won’t stop pacing when I’m trying to work. Where I’ll try to walk her and she’ll go in all different directions and bark at anything that moves.

But man, the good days are so good. She’s getting more affectionate, and sometimes Ian will put her up in the bed with me in the morning and she’ll lay against me and go back to sleep. When we’re driving somewhere she’ll get up on the center console for a bit so she can see out the front window, and she’s started doing this thing where she will lean against me. At first I thought it was for balance, but I’ve noticed her doing it when we’re driving straight ahead. And more and more often I catch her leaning up against Ian as she sleeps on the couch.

Our bed is too high for her to get up and down safely on her own, so we’re looking for some dog stairs that are tall and deep enough to use. She’s a bit nervous around stairs in general, so it might take some practice, but hopefully she’ll get used to them and in the mornings she can join the animal pile that our bed becomes.

As long as BK doesn’t mind, that is. That cat rules the bed and even we have to move to accommodate her.