They just know

The way animals sense things is extraordinary. Most of the time I see it in action when the cats know there’s a bug on the ceiling, but I haven’t seen it yet. They’ll claw at the wall and meow, I’ll get annoyed, and then finally I’ll see the spider and realize why they were going nuts. As I squish it (or, more plausibly, yell for Ian to come squish it), they’ll look at me like I’m a simpleton for taking so long to acknowledge the impending danger they were warning me about.

Last night, I was having some really bad ladyparts cramps. All ladyparts cramps are bad for me since I rarely have them, but last night was horrible. I spent most of the night with a heating pad on me, but when I fell asleep and turned on my side at some point, it slipped off me and onto the bed and was lost to the covers.

I woke up this morning on my back with BK laying on my abdomen, positioned so that the warmest part of her body was on top of where the worst cramp had been. She was purring and staring at me through slightly closed eyes.

Not surprisingly, I felt much better.

I’ve heard that a cat’s purr has healing properties, and last year when I had kidney stones BK spent a lot of time laying on my abdomen, too. Maybe there is really something to it. Either way, I know someone who’s getting a can of tuna tonight.

In case you hadn’t heard, we bought a house

I had an epically long post written about the whole experience, beginning with when we first saw the house (late October) and ending with when our offer was accepted (late December), but I got superstitious about posting it before closing so I never did. And now, I’ve talked so much about the whole process on Twitter and Facebook and with anyone I see that I think posting the whole long, drawn-out story would be overkill at this point.

I’ve journaled it all for myself, but I think all I need to post here is this: On Jan. 21, 2014, Ian and I closed on a gorgeous blue house that was built in 1930 (but renovated last year). I finally have that stone porch I’ve always wanted. And a driveway. And a backyard. With lots of trees!

We hired movers and got most of our stuff moved in the weekend of the 25th, so we’ve been here almost two weeks now. We’ve got our apartment until the end of the month so we still have some things over there that we’re being lazy about moving over, but we’ll get it all eventually. We spent last weekend in Asheville, so we’re still living a bit in boxes here and there. And we have yet to buy mirrors for both bathrooms, which is kind of a weird way to live… without mirrors. Like vampires.

The cats adjusted really well this time. When we moved from Murfreesboro to Chattanooga last summer it was hard to watch them adjust, BK and King Boo especially. This time around, Gordo predictably gave zero fucks again and was the first one to explore everything. But BK and King Boo only hid under the bed for a short period of time—I don’t even think it was an entire hour. They were skittish for a while; anytime Ian or I would get up from the couch quickly they’d jump, but after a week they were acting like they’d been living here their entire lives. I think all of the windows and hiding places to explore are helping a lot.

It’s odd, though: I feel like I’ve settled in quickly and easily, too. The apartment never really felt like home, mainly because its setup was like a hotel (main entrance, with apartment entrances indoors) and there was so much neighbor noise everywhere. Here, it’s just us and the neighbor’s wind chimes mixed in with the occasional traffic hum.

There are times I catch myself feeling so comfortable with my surroundings that I have to remind myself I haven’t lived here forever. But on the other hand, there are times I’ll walk into a room too quickly and have to remind myself where I am. It’s an odd mixture of emotion that I’ve never experienced before. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever really given this much thought to how I feel about where I dwell. I’ve found I’ve become more mindful of that since moving to Chattanooga, but I think it’s due to age more than location.

But yes, here we are. Settling in, setting up our life again in a way that feels permanent and comforting.