The movers came and packed up the house today. I sat downstairs on the couch, playing on my phone and answering questions when they had them.

The guy who packed upstairs was a one-day helper who listened to music loudly on his headphones or talked on the phone. That’s probably why he packed the box and painting I had in the “do not pack” area in the office. I just hope he didn’t steal anything. I can’t imagine how he would, but still. “They always steal something,” is what I’ve been told.

It’s weird sitting in the house now. It was weird last night, too. I am nostalgic for something I haven’t moved past yet. All my stuff is here, though it’s in boxes. My couch is still here. I’m sitting on it.

It’s like that scene in Labyrinth where Sarah wakes up in what appears to be her childhood bedroom, but after a few minutes she realizes something feels off. She digs and digs and pulls at layers of magic until she realizes that she is still, in fact, in the labyrinth.

I’m excited about moving on, but it’s a little bittersweet. This was a great house. It was our first family home.


So. A lot has happened in the past three weeks.

Ian was offered (and accepted) a job at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee as a biostatistician, and we are moving to Chattanooga next week.

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of stress and excitement, but mostly of weeding through all the crap we’ve accumulated over the nine years we’ve lived in our house. BlueCross offers a relocation package, but professional movers means professional packers—so we have to have everything out of the house that we don’t want packed up and put on the truck to be sent to our apartment in Chattanooga.

Oh yeah, we had to find a place to live pretty quickly. Trying to rent a house ended up being a frustrating and fruitless endeavor, so we ended up renting an apartment. After living in a house for nine years I wasn’t looking forward to going back to apartment life, so I sought out small complexes of luxury or unique apartments. We ended up finding a really neat place in the heart of the North Shore, and lucked out that they had a 900 square-foot apartment available right at our target move-in date.

The first two floors of the building are commercial, and the top two floors are apartments. The apartments are all one bedroom/one bathroom, but they have exposed ceilings, granite counter tops and concrete floors. Very industrial in a very urban area, which will be a welcome change of pace from suburban life.

I am so stoked.

We spent this past Saturday night at the new place after we signed our lease and moved a few things in, and the neighborhood is amazing. There isn’t a chain restaurant or big-box store in sight, besides a Whole Foods a couple blocks away. There are bars and restaurants galore, all less than half a mile away.

And while I’m starting to get a bit nostalgic about leaving Murfreesboro/Nashville, my mind is reeling over the elimination of our 80-mile-a-day commute. Ian will have a 5-mile commute each day, and because I work for The Best Company Ever I’ll be working remotely from home. So instead of spending a minimum of two hours a day in my car, dealing with traffic, I will walk a couple feet to the dining area of the apartment that I’m transforming into my office.

We have a ton of stuff to do over the next week—and this move comes right in an extremely busy time at work, so my stress levels have never been higher—but I’m starting to get really excited.

Let’s just hope our real estate agent can sell our house within a couple months. Eek.