New look for a new year. Sorta.

I’ve been super-lazy, and after my site was hacked back in the summer I kept meaning to rebuild my theme, but you know how that goes. I had been using a stock WordPress theme (I think Twenty Eleven?) for a while, but that got boring.

I then found a cool theme called Blogum (after viewing another one of their themes on a friend’s website), but it had some weird quirks I couldn’t figure out how to fix (I couldn’t change the way the time stamps were written by editing the templates, for example, and comments would only appear if people entered a website–but there was no error message telling them this, so people thought they posted comments that just disappeared into the ether).

So, after tooling around ye ole Internets today, I found this theme that I like pretty well. I’ll undoubtedly dig into the CSS eventually and adjust it more to my liking, but for now it’s a good out-of-the-box theme that fits my needs and style without much tinkering.

It’s called Launch, and it’s by ThemeZilla.

Well then.

Turns out the stabbing pain I had in my abdomen for three weeks (!!) was kidney stones. After speaking with a specialist and a friend who’s had chronic kidney stones for years, I learned that unfortunately, I had a typical first-time experience for a woman trying to pass a stone.

Medicine is still very much based on the symptoms of the male body, and with kidney stones men have back pain and blood in their urine. Women, however, tend to have pain in their abdomen and no blood in their urine. My PCP missed it (even after I asked twice if I could be x-rayed for them), telling me I needed to see a gynecologist, but I passed a pretty big stone the day of my appointment with the specialist. He gave me some medication to calm down the bladder spasms that came with passing the stone, and I felt better in a couple days.

Oh well, at least now I know what is going on the next time it happens. Because it’s likely that it will. Hooray, genetics.

Anyway, so I had one day of pure, unadulterated health before I woke up with the cold that Ian had just gotten over. Yay. That manifested as pink eye for a while, too (nothing like green goo oozing out of your eye while at work), but luckily Ian had gone to the doctor to get eye drops when he had it so I was able to get that cleared up pretty quickly.

I’m now mostly over the cold, but I have a cough that just keeps hanging on. It bothers me mostly at night, which is annoying now that I’ve run out of “special” cough syrup, but it’s not as terrible as it was. I couldn’t sleep more than three hours a night for about a week and I started to go clinically insane.

The amazing thing of it is that I was sick for literally six weeks straight but only missed one day of work (the day I got the ultrasound). I guess that’s the beauty in having a job you can do from anywhere that has an Internet connection (and understanding co-workers).