Good news. Progress.

Last week I found out that my birth control pills are now free, thanks to Obamacare. Today, I found out that I will not have to pay anything for the ultrasound I had the other day.

It’s nice to have insurance, but it also feels good to work for a company that pays for it, and that picks a provider that doesn’t aim to avoid paying for women’s health coverage.

It’s also inspiring to feel like this country is maybe taking baby steps toward recognizing that a woman’s health is an integral part of her being. And of her ability to be able to work, and, therefore, take control of her life and be a full member of society, not someone dependent on the laws made by a room of men telling her what she can and cannot do with her reproductive organs.

I wanted to post “SUCK IT HATERS, MY SLUTTY ABORTION PILLS ARE FREEEEE” on Facebook, but I decided against it. So it goes here instead, more grateful and less confrontational.

2013 is not starting out very well in our house

It started last weekend with a stabbing pain that I initially thought were menstrual cramps but then became sure it was something more sinister as I was unable to move or talk for a good hour. The attacks kept on coming throughout the day, and the next day, and the next day… And still.

I had an ultrasound Wednesday to see what might be going on, but the results were inconclusive. No news might be good news, but I’d still like to know what the hell is causing me to feel like I’m getting stabbed in the abdomen with a cylindrical object every couple of hours. And nothing helps. So now I get to try antibiotics for a week, and if that doesn’t work I’ll be getting a CT scan. Can’t wait to get the bill for all this.

On top of this, Ian’s had a really bad cold for about a week, and the other day he realized it had turned into pink eye. In both eyes. And now I feel like I’m coming down with it, too.

We are a sorry lot, that’s for sure.