New MacBook Pro!

New MacBook Pro!

After six years, the last couple filled with numerous frustrating sessions wrestling with the slowness of my 2005 iMac, I finally bought a new computer. And it’s badass, too: The high-end 15-inch MacBook Pro. After never having owned a laptop bigger than 13 inches, I decided to go with the 15-inch model since I won’t be getting an external monitor to hook it up to. I’ve been using an older 15-inch MacBook Pro as my work computer, and realized pretty quickly how nice the extra screen real estate is for photo editing and coding.

I figured since I had the money (I’d been saving my pennies like a good little girl for quite some time), I’d go ahead and splurge on the model with the better graphics card since I plan on gaming along with all of the photo editing I do. And! I’ll finally be able to do some video editing since I now have a computer that can actually handle it. Every time I tried to make a video in iMovie on my iMac I ended up wanting to stab someone. I’m not even kidding, I would click something and could go take a shower before the computer would respond.

Now I’m going through the process of transferring all of my applications and photos over from my other machines. I didn’t want to use the Migration Assistant because I’m sure after years of use there are some bad preferences on the iMac, and my stuff is kind of scattered across multiple computers. Including the one I use for work, I have three functioning Macs with files and applications on them that I need to transfer to this machine.

So. I’ve got my work cut out for me, but luckily it’s been pretty easy so far. After nearly 30 years of working on Apple computers, I often take for granted how everything works so flawlessly (most of the time) and just makes sense. It’s kind of nice to be reminded of that again as I move stuff around, copy and paste libraries, and work through getting this beast set up to my (very specific) liking.


On Mac OS 10.7, otherwise known as Lion: So far I’m liking it, although I really haven’t gotten to delve into the newness of it too much yet. Except for the natural scrolling “feature” that was introduced. That one I got thrown into headfirst. Basically, Apple has changed scrolling with Lion to mimic the way it’s done with iOS. So instead of moving your fingers or mouse wheel down to scroll down a page, you are pushing the page up or pulling it down. It definitely felt more natural to me when using the trackpad (and, therefore, my fingers) than when using the mouse, but I think I’m about used to it now.

On the weather (because that’s all Middle Tennesseans talk about these days): It’s really goddamn hot. It’s been in the upper 90s for what seems like years now, and the humidity is about a billion percent. And for some reason my allergies are really, really bad this year. So bad that I’ve started doubling my dose of Zyrtec again, something my doctor told me to do one time in the past when I had a bad cold and that caused me to hallucinate and feel like I was walking around in a fog. So far I haven’t hallucinated or heard any voices, but I do feel pretty dizzy and out of it. We’ll see what happens.

On the cats: Somehow King Boo has won over Gordo, who, as you might remember, has hated him with a fiery passion of a thousand suns dipped in hatesauce since the day we brought him home. But we’ve caught Gordo grooming King Boo from time to time, and every morning they have Cat Wrestlemania in the bedroom and Gordo appears to be playing, not actually trying to kill King Boo. So, you know, progress. I’d also like to say a big fat I TOLD YOU SO to all of the haters in the house. I was the only one who liked King Boo when we brought him home, and now he’s won over every single living entity in the house except for Evil Twin, but he sucks and doesn’t count.

On jobs: My new job is still going swimmingly and sometimes I have to pinch myself. I’m starting to get some more responsibilities and pulled into various projects that have been pretty fun. And I still get tickled that I can mention a video game or some weird nerdy meme and not only do these people know what it is, they probably knew about it before I did. I am feeling more at home every day.

And Ian’s doing quite well in the job department, too, as he recently got a really big promotion and is now heading up the department where he’s worked for the last four years. He even has to wear a state-issued cellphone on his belt! Who’s the nerd now?! (Yeah, still me. I know.)

So! The exercising.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Ian and I joined the gym, and so far so good. Ian’s working with a trainer twice a month to build muscle, and I’m flying solo to tone up and hopefully lose some weight. We’re trying to hold ourselves to going at least three times a week, four if we have the time.

I’m hoping that plus eating healthier and sitting on the exercise ball at my desk will help me get back on track. And by that I mean “less squishy.”

New desk chair. Er, ball.

Since I’m on a get-healthy-get-fit kick lately, I figured it was about time to do something about my horrible posture while sitting at my desk. Ok, no matter what I’m doing my posture is horrible.

I did some research and realized that a fitness ball would most likely do the trick—apparently the easiest position to balance in is also perfect spine posture, so your body constantly is working to maintain great posture. And, as an added bonus, it also improves circulation and balance. And since you’re moving all day long (albeit in very small movements), you are actually burning calories (a very small amount, but still).

I’ve only used it for a few days, but I haven’t fallen off yet! I also learned that if you’ve never sat on a fitness ball as a desk chair before, you need to start off slow. Jumping in and sitting on one for several hours straight is a good recipe for a sore lower back. Yikes.

We’ll see how it goes

Today after work Ian & I joined a gym. We’d been talking about it for a while and had tried to go check out the one a block from our house last week, but it was so full there wasn’t even anywhere to park for a minute. At about 7:30 p.m.

So today we stopped by Gold’s Gym to see what it was all about, and I was surprised. I expected it to be muscley and gross and seedy, but it was actually pretty nice. Lots of machines, plenty of light and space, and plenty of middle-aged folks in there to where I don’t think I’ll feel terribly uncomfortable. There will always be muscle-heads at any gym, but since I’ve only ever gone to the YMCA or the hospital wellness center I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

We go Wednesday evening for our fitness consultation with a personal trainer. I’m sure Ian will have no trouble, but I’m a little afraid of being laughed out of there when I say I really just want to use the bikes and eliptical machines with the TVs.

I get knocked down, but I get up again

They Might Be Giants covers Chumbawamba

This is amazing. If you don’t want to watch, it’s They Might Be Giants covering Chumbawamba’s iconic song Tubthumping (hat tip to Morgan). I say iconic, but what I really mean is “the song that defined my freshman year in college and therefore holds a special place in my heart.” Which is why, in the video above, when I heard TMBG say that they didn’t know “how the song goes” I got really confused. How could you not know Tubthumping if you were alive, under 50 and had access to a radio in the United States in 1997?

And if you were in college in 1997 at MTSU, like I was, you heard this song everywhere. At every party, in every bar, blaring out of every random car driving down the road, playing over the loudspeakers in Hastings—this song was there. Despite its political undertones and the band’s anarchist leanings, it’s a silly little party song, and I have a strong feeling that if it weren’t for the righteous chorus that invites you to scream it and the line “pissing the night away,” it never would have amounted to anything.

But the song will always remind me of how I felt my freshman year in college: My painstakingly made plans to move to Tennessee were finally realized, and I was there—on my own, responsible for myself, living with my decisions, good or bad. As cheesy as it sounds, over the course of that year I had been knocked down—a lot—but I kept getting up again. And so every time I heard this song playing in and around Murfreesboro, it was a tiny reminder that as long as I kept getting back up, I would be OK.

And I was. 1997 to 1998 was a banner time.

Seven years

As of this weekend, that’s how long Ian and I have lived in this house. Our house. I have a lot of good memories in this house, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to move. I’ve pretty much gotten used to traffic, and we both work at jobs where we’re allowed to have a pretty flexible schedule, but the 80-miles-a-day commute is just beyond old. It might be different if this house had all of the things I wanted in it: Hardwood, a yard, a driveway… But I think we’ve just outgrown it here. I’m ready to reclaim a few more hours of day from the interstate and apply it to my own personal time bank again.