Stop spamming me, Diane Black

In the wake of the vote to defund of Planned Parenthood, I sent an email to my representative, Diane Black, informing her of my disappointment in her vote. Admittedly, it was a canned email scraped from Planned Parenthood’s site, but I figured sending something to acknowledge my disappointment was better than nothing. Predictably, I received a canned response back explaining why she doesn’t want to fund abortions.

Ok, except she’s completely ignoring the fact that only about 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services involve abortion-related care, and none of the federal money they receive can be used for abortion services by law.

I obviously wasn’t going to argue with Diane Black, especially via email with a staffer at that, so I just grumbled and deleted the message. (Incidentally, I just tried to dig up the email and can’t find it anywhere. So much for archiving, Gmail.)

But today I got a spam email from her telling me about her newsletter and how to sign up for it. She also explains that I can unsubscribe at any time; which is all well and good, except I didn’t ask for her to continue to email my ass in the first place. And there was no unsubscribe option on that email.

Since email spam is one of my biggest pet peeves, and public officials who send out mass emails without the choice to opt out piss me off even more, I decided to write back. I’m sure she won’t even see it, and the staffer who does will laugh and shake his head at my heathen, baby-killing ways, but I don’t care. Here are the emails:

Dear Mrs. Morris,

Did you know that each week I put out an e-newsletter on my work for you in Washington? If you would like to sign up, just click here. I will only ever use your contact information for official purposes and will never share it. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Diane Black
Member of Congress

And my response:

Please remove me from your email list. I do not support nor do I want to hear from you, as you seek to limit and harm the health and choices of other women. Your vote against Planned Parenthood makes you an abomination to our gender.

Megan Morris

I wanted to sign it “smooches” but decided against it.

5 thoughts on “Stop spamming me, Diane Black

  1. I really wish you would have signed it smooches. That would have been perfection. But this Diane Black chick sounds like a real gem.

  2. As genius as what you wrote is, and it is, it would have been a fine idea to tell her she was violating the Federal statutes regarding spam by not offering an unsub link in the email.

    People who like to use the law as a weapon should be very careful about how they hold it.

  3. Kat, I thought about mentioning the CAN-SPAM act in my reply, but I wasn’t sure if it applied to general emails (since she was sending it in more of a chatty way, not necessarily an email newsletter format) or what the criteria was. And I was in too much of a hurry to look that up. :)

    But great point.

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