March 3 | BABY GOAT!!!!

While I was checking my Twitter stream this morning, I noticed a tweet from The Green Wagon saying that they had a baby goat, named Bette, hanging out with them in the shop today. Taking into account the cuteness of baby goats plus the fact that I didn’t bring anything with me for lunch today and The Local Taco is right next door to The Green Wagon, a plan was born and Jamie, Ben and I headed out for lunch and goat-visiting.

Turns out the The Green Wagon peeps have (raise?) goats, and the mother of this little gal had triplets for the first time. For whatever reason, she didn’t clean off little Bette and rejected her. But these kind people took Bette’s well-being into their own hands and have been bottle-feeding her and making sure she’s getting plenty of love and affection. That sweater she’s wearing? IT’S A WOOL SOCK. That’s how tiny she is. Like a kitten. With hooves. Who didn’t seem to mind being held, and actually nuzzled my neck a bit.

I’m sure The Green Wagon folk thought we were a little weird, three strangers piling into their shop to play with a four-day-old goat, but we couldn’t resist. Oh—Bette had just learned to jump, and was happy to show off her new skills. She also made cute little cooing sounds at one of the shop owners as she hopped around after her.

But let me tell you: When we left that shop, the gray sky, the bone-chilling wind, the crabby mood, the stressful day—it was all gone.

That cute little goat made my day.

(See all the pictures from our visit with Bette)

2 thoughts on “March 3 | BABY GOAT!!!!

  1. Aww….that is soooo cute! I would have loved to have been there and hold that little baby. How sweet.

  2. The cute, it BURNS.

    So glad you all got to see/play with/snuggle Miss Bette. Isn’t it wild how an opportunity like that just pops up and changes everything for a bit? I love it.

    Great photos, too, as always.

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