Feb. 26 | Another haul

I don’t know if you guys understand the depths of my obsession with Malbecs. I cannot enter a liquor store and see a Malbec that I haven’t tried yet and not buy it. This is getting to be a problem because I frequent a couple of liquor stores on a regular basis, and pretty soon the only Malbecs I haven’t tried yet are going to be the really expensive ones.

The interstate was a mess going home from work on Friday night, so Ian and I stopped off at J. Barleycorn’s, a huge liquor store on one side and a beer store on the other. They had a great wine selection, including about six Malbecs I hadn’t seen before. I bought three, plus one pinot noir.

Ian got a couple of high-gravity beers, and then we went next door and bought more beer.

It was a mighty fine Friday night.

Feb. 24 | Good advice

On the way back from picking up my CSA shipment today I stopped at The Produce Place, a great local grocery store that carries lots of organic items and loose nuts and seeds.

I have seen this sticker on the stop sign before, but today it seemed especially appropriate. Yesterday afternoon I started to get really bad, stabbing pains in my stomach, and when I got home they only got worse. It was like someone was taking the top part of my stomach and squeezing it as hard as they could and would not let go.

This morning the pain was a bit better, but I called my doctor to explain what was going on and request a refill on a medication that I have taken before: a muscle relaxer that happens to work for both bladder spasms (I used to get a lot of bladder infections) and stomach muscle spasms. Luckily they didn’t require me to come in, and called in a refill to the Walgreens by my office.

I took one of the pills a little while ago and can already feel my stomach muscles relaxing a bit. I don’t know what the hell I ate or what I did to make them freak out so bad in the first place, but I do NOT want that to happen again.

So anyway, this sign is for my stomach: STOP FREAKING OUT!

Feb. 23 | Apple

My co-workers have become well-aware of what an Apple nerd I am, and today Bill brought me this pen that he got back in the 1980s when he first started working with Rex (my boss).

I love the colors and the font of the old logo–oh! And on the back of the pen it says “Germany,” so there must have been a time when not everything was made in China. Who knew!

Feb. 22 | Smartypants

I’ve been working on a project at work that required some advanced math abilities the other day, and luckily I just happen to be married to a statistician and all-around smartypants. In honor of Ian’s help on the project, today I drank out of this coffee cup that I bogarted from him back when he was in school. (His master’s is in biostatistics.)

Feb. 21 | Macinclock

My soon-to-be brother-in-law sent me this clock last week—is it not freaking perfect for me? He found a guy on Etsy who has a shop called Stuff Made From Stuff, mainly consisting of clocks made from old Macs or other computer parts.

For those of you reading this who might not be Mac-obsessed, this is the actual front of an old PowerMac G4, turned into a clock. The clock actually keeps time, but I turned it off last night after learning that Link was trying to climb the wall and catch the ticking red second hand. I’ll have to turn it on again after he forgets that it’s there.

Anyway, it’s hanging up in our kitchen by the door to give it a prominent view. I love wacky art, but I love wacky art made from Apple products even more. So thanks, Katie and Junnhi!

Feb. 17 | Planting trees

In anticipation of planting trees with a bunch of other Nashville-area bloggers next Saturday, I ordered a t-shirt as part of my donation to SoundForest, the organization that we’re going to be working with to plant the trees at Bell’s Bend.

I want to point out, also, that I ordered this shirt Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., selecting standard shipping. The shirt showed up less than two hours later, via bike messenger.

Apparently their offices are over near Belmont, and the messenger told me that while they normally use a different courier service, they called him to bike it over to me at West End.

I’m going to wear the t-shirt to the tree-planting event. You know, like the guy who wears the band t-shirt to the concert.

Feb. 18 | DevaCurl, DivaCat

I went to Ulta last night with the intent to pick up some more of one of my regular shampoos (Back to Basics Apple & Ginseng, if you’re curious), but saw they had started carrying Deva products. I never would have been aware of the product if not for Brittney, who reviewed a Deva cut she got (I can’t find the original blog entry but if I do I’ll link to it, because it was very informative for peeps with wavy/curly hair).

It’s suds-free, which is supposed to not dry out your hair and let your curls run free. I’m going to try it out on Sunday, a day when I don’t have to be anywhere, in case all hell breaks loose. We’ll see what happens.

Feb. 15 | Cheese

I am not from Wisconsin but I love cheese more than anyone I know. This is just regular ole parmesan, grated for parmesan popcorn and shaved for a Caesar salad.

A couple of years ago I discovered Corrieri’s Formaggeria in 12 South, and I developed a really bad $20-$30/week gourmet cheese addiction. I have since kicked that habit, but after tasting the best blue cheese ever at The Mad Platter this weekend I think I might fall back off the wagon.