Thought of the Day (The “I’m Up Early” Edition)

The problem with Internet Explorer (that people keep using it) is a lot like the problem with large SUVs* (people keep buying them).

But both problems can be solved similarly: If people would stop buying large SUVs, manufacturers would stop making them. If manufacturers stop making them, people won’t be able to buy them. Eventually all of the older SUVs would die out, making the roads safer for everyone and Americans not as wasteful with fuel.

Likewise, if people would just stop using IE, Microsoft would stop providing (worthless) updates and eventually just discontinue support for the browser. With no more support for the browser, it would start to fall into obscurity, and eventually die out. Web designers everywhere will rejoice because they would no longer have to bust their asses trying to optimize their sites for a browser that’s just going to turn their painstakingly constructed work into a pile of dog shit no matter what they do, anyway.

*I don’t want this to turn into another discussion about why people drive SUVs. I’m just making a comparison between two things that bug the shit out of me.

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