You asked for it

Well, kind of. You want to see my teeth in all their ugly-ducklingness? I’m going to have to go out and face the world eventually (i.e. I can’t hide in my house for the next couple of weeks while my gum tissue heals), so I might as well show you.

I’m about to show you what my teeth look like right now. This will be bloody. And gross. Keep in mind, please, that the discoloration of the gums, as well as THE BLOOD, will go away in a week or so. (I hope.) Also, please disregard my ruddy complexion and wet hair (I just got out of the shower.) Oh, and that cat hair on my cheek. My teeth also look pretty yellow here, though I don’t think they look that bad in person. Either way, I’ll have them bleached eventually.

So, here goes. Here are my teeth as of today in all their glory gory. Also, here is a good “before” reference. That was taken five months before I started the Invisalign, and is a good representation of why I rarely smiled a full-tooth smile in public.

So there you have it. Be nice.

Like a whole new me

Well, not really. But damn. This afternoon I took a half day off work and headed over to my dentist, the same one who I got my Invisalign through, for a little something I like to call HAVING MY GUMS LASERED OFF.

I think the technical term is “sculpted.” And the technique he used was called “scalloping.” But let’s be honest here: I sat shaking from novocaine in the dentist’s chair for 30 minutes smelling my gums burning off as he recreated my smile. And then I paid the receptionist a lot of money. When I think of how much money I have given this man in the last year, I feel a little dizzy. I’d say I should get a free hat or something, but he did cut me a great deal on the gum sculpting, so I’ll just keep quiet.

But this money feels so well spent. Ever since I was a kid I have been embarrassed about my teeth. They were crooked (I didn’t get braces when I was a kid), stubby (even Ian referred to them as “chicklet teeth”), and stained from antibiotics my mom took while she was pregnant with me.

This past year has been a year of reinvention for my teeth. I have six weeks left of my Invisalign treatment (bottoms only—the top is done!), and Dr. Jolly uncovered about half of my teeth from my gums. Eventually I will get my teeth bleached, but I think I will save that for next year. I need to calm down on the spending right now.

I’m not going to post any before/after pictures right now because my teeth look pretty scary—it will take a few days (or a few weeks depending on how my body heals) for the bloodiness and puffiness to go down, and for the brown spots where the laser cauterized the gums to slough off. I think I could make children cry right now, honestly. And I’m in a world of pain and am only blogging because I can’t sleep and needed something I could concentrate on to take my mind off the feeling that tiny bumblebees are stinging my gums. And maybe jamming ice picks in my head. Doesn’t tooth pain come in second to childbirth pain?

But I can’t wait to show you. When Dr. Jolly was done with his craft (because, seriously, this is fucking artistry) and held the mirror up for me to look, I almost cried. I have spent my entire life hiding my teeth. I would catch myself staring at other women’s teeth, envious of their long, straight, shiny and careless smiles.

I am a happy person. I love to laugh. And I hope that after my gums heal, I will find myself laughing like nobody’s watching much more often.

Kind of like buying a new couch and then putting a sheet over it

I am in love with my new iPhone 3G. I love all of my Apple products (in addition to the iPhone, I have two iMacs, one iBook, one Powerbook, one Power Mac—on loan to my sister, who also bought my other iBook—one Mac Classic, one iPod Photo, one iPod Shuffle, one iPod nano and a MacBook I use for work), but not since my iMac DVSE have I felt such a strong bond so quickly with one. I think it’s the amount of time we’ve already spent—and will spend—with each other. Don’t worry, Ian approves. He thinks I’m crazy, but he likes the phone, too.

But because I take it everywhere with me, I need a case for it. The last thing I want to do is cover up its beauty, but the last+1 thing I want to do is drop it and kill it. I mean, let’s just be honest here: iPhones ain’t cheap.

I especially want to get one before Friday morning, when I’ll be flying to Chicago for a quick trip home to see family. The idea of my newborn iPhone being naked in the airport makes me a bit nervous, but good cases are scarce these days. I’ve narrowed my preferences down to three different cases: the Griffin Nu Form, the Contour Flick and the Incase Slider. Now, the Incase and Contour cases apparently aren’t available right now, and I haven’t been able to find the Griffin one in stock in a store (although I haven’t really looked too hard).

When I worked at Apple, the Contour case was the one we recommended to iPhone (the original, I worked there over the holidays last year) owners, but Incase is a popular brand, too. (And recommended by two bloggers who I trust in terms of technology judgment.) So I could order the Griffin one and get it in a few days (with free shipping), but I might like the Contour or Incase one more. But those might not be available for a few more weeks.

What’s a geek to do???

The waiting is the hardest part

The waiting is the hardest part, originally uploaded by Megan_G.

Emily and I got to the Murfreesboro AT&T store at 6:30 a.m. this morning. I had planned to go to the Apple store in Green Hills, but I heard on Twitter that there were already 70 people there, and the line was growing fast. I really didn’t expect there to be this many people at the AT&T store in the ‘boro, but when we got there we counted about 54 people in line in front of us.

At 9:30 a.m. we were let into the store, and were told that they were almost out of black 16GB ones. Luckily I had decided I wanted the white one, so I was good to go. They let 12 people in at first, and had eight reps working on activations. Then as one person would leave, they’d let another in.

Of course, AT&T didn’t really prep for this type of volume (it’s not like they didn’t go thru this last year, right??), so their system was sluggish. The rep that I bought the phone from told me that I would have to go home and activate the phone through iTunes myself–and that it might take a couple of hours.

I’m updating iTunes to 7.7 right now (wish I would have thought of that last night, because it’s taking FOREVER), and will soon begin the activation process. Let’s just hope it works!!

(Oh, also, since the iPhone isn’t activated and they have already shut off my previous SIM card, I am not reachable by phone right now. I will be checking email throughout the day, so please email or Twitter if you need me.)

Update: At 2:30 p.m. I was finally able to get my phone activated through iTunes and am now able to make calls. I’m in the process of loading some music onto the phone, and then will have to transfer all of my contacts from the Shine to the iPhone.

My first impression is that this phone is freaking awesome. I spent a lot of time playing with the iPhones when I worked for Apple over the holidays last year, but there’s just something special about having my own. And I’m glad I went for the white one. I’m going to get a case for it, anyway, but so far I have yet to see a white one in the wild. Although, I haven’t really been out much today. :)

After wanting an iPhone since they were first announced last year—and after years of saying if Apple ever came out with a phone I’d own it—I am happy that I finally have one in my hands. And it was well worth the wait.

9 hours, 45 minutes

…until I can buy an iPhone 3G!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for more than a year. When the first iPhone was announced, I was still under contract with the shitfest known as Sprint, and I was damned if I was going to give those assholes $175 to cancel a contract that was almost fulfilled.

But since before the iPhone—or even the iPod—was even a sparkle in someone’s genius eye, I said that if Apple ever made a cell phone I would own it.

And tomorrow, that goal will be recognized.

I’m not going all psycho and camping out overnight, but that’s mainly because the girly parts don’t exactly make it easy to urinate in a bush or on the side of a store. And since I consumed part of two pitchers of Magic Hat #9 tonight, it’s probably not the best time to see how the whole “holding it in” thing works.

So I’ll be waking up my sister at 5 a.m. tomorrow to head over to the AT&T store in town first, and if that looks like it’s a bust, I suppose we’ll head on over to the Apple store in Green Hills. I assume the line will be longer there, but the staff is 100 times more competent, they are rumored to have more in stock, and, well shit, it’s the Apple store. Who doesn’t want to buy stuff there?

So, folks, wish me luck tomorrow that my dreams may be fulfilled.

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Stop—family time!

Friends, originally uploaded by Megan_G.

My youngest sister, Emily, flew into town Thursday night and is staying with Ian and I for two weeks while she’s on summer vacation (she’s going into her junior year of high school up in Mount Prospect, Ill.–a suburb of Chicago). For her first weekend here, we took her to see some fireworks shows and, of course, let her shoot off her own, since they’re illegal in Chicago.

I was 12 when Emily was born, and until she was 6 (and I moved to Tennessee), I had a large hand in helping my mom raise her. Every day I came right home from school to take care of her (and my other sister, Katie, who’s four years younger than me) while my mom went to work nights.

She and I were close, of course, since we spent so much time together, but because I moved away when she was six, I was afraid she’d forget who I was. Luckily that didn’t happen, and I like to think I played at least a little part in her growing up to be a pretty cool chick. She’s smart, funny—and loves video games. I don’t think she’s as weird or as nerdy as me, but that’s probably a good thing.