BK and her protege

BK and her protege

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I found this toy cat at Target that mews and purrs (and came with a bottle, which would cause it to make weird slurping noises.) When I found more (cheaper) stuffed animal cats at Toys R Us I was going to take this one back to Target, but as soon as BK saw it she fell in love. She pawed to try to get it out of the box, and when I got it out she immediately started grooming it. She chewed its whiskers a bit, but otherwise I think she’s smitten.

Office Halloween Costume Contest Participants


Office Halloween Costume Contest Participants

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I was the crazy cat lady, coming in second in our office contest (I lost to Count Chocula.) This whole day was more proof that I work with some of the most awesome people around. Seriously, did YOUR office dress up like this??

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The Leopard is Here!

FreakinI normally don’t blog while at work, but this is a special occasion. I came in this morning to find our IT director, Patrick Ragsdale, immersed in copies of OS 10.5—Leopard—that he’d pre-ordered for our office computers.

Of course, one of the drawbacks of being the first person in the office to get a MacBook—and having to run Parallels—is that I’m going to be the last person who gets to upgrade. (Patrick needs to make sure that Parallels is compatible with Leopard.) :(

So, any of you smarty-pants out there that have used Parallels with Leopard (I’m looking at you, Jaxn), holler if you know it works! I want my new OS!

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Days go by

This morning I could feel the rain before it set in, and my house smelled like the transition from fall to winter. I knew it was going to be a day where I could warm myself by thinking of chili, scarves and the smell of the furnace.

I could feel the crunch of the leaves’ end under my feet as I padded down the stairs, the cat content as my white shadow until she leaped in front of me and skipped the last three steps in anticipation of her morning meal. She flicked her tail as she passed through the living room, dismissing the evidence of a weekend of procrastination left on the floor.

The food hit the bowls with a twinkle and her eyes disappeared into the task at hand. The crunching followed me as I made my way back up the stairs, reminding me of the sound under my smaller-back-then feet when it would snow silver inches during the day and freeze into time at night. The chill traveled down my arm as I exchanged a cotton t-shirt for a turtleneck in my armoire.

When I was a small, quiet child, on days when my friends were not in school and I was left to my own devices at recess, I would sit on the hard, cold swings and close my eyes tight until I saw blue on the backs of my watery eyelids. Sometimes I can still feel the cold metal between my fingers, and I remember myself sad and lonely in the middle of a swarm of oblivious children laughing and playing around me as I tried to curl up into myself, missing my mom. On those days I filled my head with the false hope that if I kept my eyes closed long enough, the whole day would vanish, leaving me that much closer to starting a fresh one.

But now, as the seasons fly by, leaving me scrambling for fresh air and sunlight, I can’t help but wonder if I am paying for all that wishing away of days.

Kind of pissed off

I will get down there soon

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BK had to go to the groomer’s Saturday because her hair on her belly had gotten so matted (we call them “rats’ nests) that we couldn’t comb it out anymore. She got a bath, a hot oil treatment, a shampoo, a nail trim, and of course, a de-matting and trimming of the fur.

She looks quite sexy now. For a cat, at least.

But Gordo is convinced she is of the devil and hisses at her whenever she comes near.

Chocolate turtles

Chocolate turtles

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I was very proud of my candy creations. We made chocolate turtles, and then tons of suckers (molds of baby booties and rattles) that we put in these cute little gift bags we made to give out to the guests.

Unfortunately, someone decided to set huge jars of salsa or some shit on top of them, so no one ever saw the suckers. They will probably go to waste. Oh well, it’s not like we stayed up til 1 a.m. or anything making them. Oh wait, we did. :(

A conversation between my sister and I while straightening my hair one day

Her: You know, if you’d part it on one side instead of just in the middle it like totally wouldn’t look so plain jane.

Me, incredulous: You mean my straight, brownish red hair parted down the middle looks really plain, but your straight, blond hair parted to the left looks totally stylish?

Her: Like, duh.

Me: Oh fuck this. Thank god I have curly hair.

What kind of a sick joke is Google playing on these people?

Under “incoming links,” WordPress is telling me that something called Google Alerts – Church links to my blog quite often.

I hope no one from whatever that is actually clicks through to my blog, because they’re going to be sadly disappointed (and maybe offended?) when they realize I mostly lambaste church.

And by church, I mean Christianity.

Sorry, wrong number.