Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does…

Ian and I saw The Simpsons Movie today, and it was freaking awesome. There were a few random things we thought were a bit, well, random, but the unexpected add-ons made the movie totally worth it. Laugh out loud worth it.

And I say this not just as a Simpsons fan, but as someone who NEVER goes to the movie theater. Seriously. The last movie we saw in the theater was Children of Men in December, I think, and before that it had probably been a year since we’d been to the theater. And even then it was an indie flick at the Belcourt, I’m sure.

So The Simpsons Movie is definitely recommended, even if you’re not hardcore fans like we are. But we definitely are. Ian has just about every season that’s out on DVD and random pieces of Simpsons paraphenalia can be found throughout the house. (But not in a weird, overwhelming way like it’s part of our decor, don’t worry. We’re not those people.)

Anyway, growing up with The Simpsons so ingrained in our culture (I think I still have my Bart-on-a-skateboard earrings from when I was 10 somewhere), it felt like a good payoff to see the movie done well. People in the theater actually applauded when it ended, and I can’t say I didn’t join in the collective giddiness of “Thank Jebus; that was awesome!!”

Pity party for one

This weekend the glands in my throat started to hurt. I chalked it up to allergies.

Yesterday I noticed when I woke up that the left side of my throat was swollen and I had white spots, and I felt shitty all day.

This morning I could barely swallow and the white spots had multiplied.

So I went to the doctor. He said I have tonsillitis.

I didn’t think anyone past the age of 10 got tonsillitis. But apparently, I do. I also learned that doctors today don’t really remove tonsils anymore except in extreme situations. The tonsils have been deemed to do so much good catching and filtering all the bacteria and crap that it’s worth leaving them in and treating them with antibiotics should they get infected.

There’s your TMI medical tip of the day. Thank your tonsils for their hard work. I’m going to try to bitch-slap mine back into good health. Because when I’m sick, all I want is a hug. And that’s the last thing anyone wants to give to someone who’s highly contagious.

Um, what?

Just a few of the search terms leading people to my blog:

  • what does jelly taste like
  • what can I smoke with things I got at home
  • still dizzy from ride

Don’t know which posts these search terms led to, but I’d love to be able to find out. Anyone know of a (free) way?

Friday I’m in Love

One of my favorite things is when Ian sings Cure songs to me, especially “Just Like Heaven” and “Lullaby.” The first year we were dating, we attended the Curiosa Festival at the now-dead Starwood Ampitheatre (let’s all take a moment here, please), and heard The Cure and a relatively unknown band called Interpol, who soon became one of my favorites. Interpol was probably the best part of that festival (Well, them and this cool hat I got that I don’t wear too often, which is sad because it’s cute). The worst, unfortunately, was Robert Smith’s voice. He was a bit (OK, a lot) froggy. But at least his hair didn’t disappoint.

The Cure is going on tour again this year, and they’re coming to Atlanta Sept. 15 at the Gwinnett Arena (which, if you’ve never been to a show there, is a great large venue to see bands. We saw Barenaked Ladies there a few years ago and I was surprised at the plush seats and overall cleanliness.) Unfortunately, I am not swimming in enough money to justify spending $150 on tickets and another $100 or so on a hotel to go see The Cure, especially since Ian’s not really willing to give them a second change. (Actually, his exact words were, “Why the hell am I going to spend a bunch of money and go to Atlanta to see a band I’ve already seen and they SUCKED?”) I promise, he really is a big Cure fan.

I can see his point, though.

I also can see his point about how we’ll probably be surrounded by barely-legal tools wearing too much eyeliner whining about societal conformity while in their matching plaid and black outfits complete with combat boots and lip piercings. They totally hate how everyone’s a sheep but them.

Yeah, on second thought I think I’ll just stay home and enjoy their music in the comfort of my own home–in my own combat boots. At least I don’t have a lip piercing.


Is this the best you can do?

Dear WKRN,

In response to your recent post titled The New NashvilleIsTalking, I’d like to draw your attention to one sentence on the form that the post links to, which states:

“NashvilleIsTalking (NIT) has always been about the local blogging community and always will be”

Oh, hell no. That’s not what you’re doing lately, dudes.

When Brittney resigned from NiT, I understand that it probably took you a bit by surprise. You were lucky to get Kat Coble to voluntarily pick up the slack temporarily, and I again understand that after she moved on it was probably hard to find full-time volunteers to post to the site. You were again lucky to get Newscoma and lcreekmo for a weekend, and I think a few other good ‘uns after that. I did enjoy seeing what trouble Nemesis Girl would stir up, though I don’t know how many others would agree with me there.

But now I feel like NiT is sliding down a slippery slope into total ridiculousness. It’s lost its vision, and you don’t really seem to give a damn.

So I have to ask: What the hell is going on with these William and Birdwhistell people?!

Is this honestly the best that you can do?

I know you’re probably just trying to make sure that someone is posting to the site on a regular basis, but let me suggest that if you are going to continue to allow these folks to post under the Nashville Is Talking name, at least set some guidelines for them. Not that you asked, but the No. 1 rule I would suggest is, I don’t know, maybe POST SOME INFORMATION RELEVANT TO THE COMMUNITY AND LINK TO SOME NASHVILLE BLOGS?!

I don’t know who this Birdwhistell person is, but I got an e-mail from him to join Nashtown.com. Looking at the site, it appears he likes going to clubs and taking pictures of scantily clad women around town. Great, good for him. Why the hell I’d want to join, no idea. That’s not really my bag. But thanks for the invite, dude.

The bigger question is why the hell is he guest blogging on NiT? An entire post of his was devoted to running into an ex in San Francisco and trying to hide from her by looking upward. Greaaaat, man, awesome idea. But why is this on NiT and not your personal blog?

OH–that’s right! You think NiT is your personal blog. My bad.

Now, onto the next one. For the record, I consider myself liberal and find it mildly amusing that William starts off most days posting links to random national Web sites with news about how George W. Bush is an asshat or how the GOP is fucking themselves. That’s great; glad to hear it.

Except… that’s not what this site is for, right? I thought it was a gathering place for all blogs NASHVILLE. It’s not CNN Is Talking, Fox News Is Talking, The Wall Street Journal Is Talking. (Or is it?)

If William would just spend 10-20 minutes or so looking around the Nashville blogs, I bet he’d find someone IN NASHVILLE talking about this stuff and be able to link to them instead of these national sites. I’ve seen him do it once or twice before by linking to Southern Beale, so I know he’s capable. I have faith in him! And in his pink flowery tea cups!

I can respect that times are rough and guest bloggers–presumably working for free–are hard to come by. But are these two the best you can do? Could you not find anyone who would adhere to what I, and I’m sure other locals, thought the site’s mission was: To link to Nashville-area blogs and provide a glimpse into what the community is talking about? Did you even give these two tools any guidelines? Ask them nicely? Or did you just hand them the keys and say, “Fuck it up however you’d like, boys!”?

Are you trying to alienate the community Brittney worked so hard to build? Are you trying to fail? Or does it just come naturally?

Please, for the love of whatever you deem holy, keep it relevant. And if Nashville Is Talking has become William and Birdwhistell Are Talking, the least you can do is adjust the site’s flag accordingly.



Taste like carnies

Do not buy these nasty things!

Originally uploaded by Megan_G.

If you ever wanted to know what “Carnival-flavored” Skittles taste like, let me save you your 50 cents.

They taste like ass.

I usually like some weird-ass candy, but cotton candy and bubble gum are not flavors meant for the Skittles universe. Just like buttered popcorn is not a flavor meant for the jelly bean universe (Take note, Jelly Belly company.)

And when I told Ian I had bought some “Carnival-flavored” Skittles, he said, “So they taste like carnies?”

Nice parking, asshat

Nice parking

Originally uploaded by Megan_G.

This awesome car-parker either lives or is a friend of the person who lives in one of the houses across from us. The house has a garage plus a driveway, so three cars in all can be accommodated, yet this person chose to leave their car–parked like this–directly in front of OUR house for at least a week. (I think they went on vacation, because it never moved.) We’ve also had their Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in front of our house for so long that we called to report it as an abandoned vehicle. Their third car is often parked a few spots down from us. I wonder how they’d feel if I just randomly parked my car in their driveway??