Little gifts

This week has been super stressful for me already, as I have several deadlines at work and only three instead of five days to complete them. The stress is totally self-inflicted, as I am taking two days off for a much-anticipated trip home to see the family, but I’m still busting my ass to get everything done. I can’t just leave with things looming over my head. It would drive me crazy the whole time I’m away.

Which is why today’s gift of speedy, appropriate words was even more appreciated. I had a story to write that I was afraid was going to take me forever, but somehow instead flowed freely and quickly. Words arranged themselves on the computer screen almost magically. I could visualize the story’s final organization as I was writing, and sentences were constructed almost perfectly on the first try as they flew from my fingertips. When I got stuck on a description, a desperate email to colleagues for creative synonyms was responded to very quickly and broke any fear of writer’s block before it could set up shop in my tired and swirling mind.

It was a wonderful feeling to see everything come together when I needed it to the most. Now I only have one large writing project left before I leave, and I am hoping to be as lucky tomorrow as I was today.

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And I Went Wii-Wii-Wii All the Way Home!!

For the last few weeks, I have been overtaken by Wii fever. When Summer IM’d me Friday afternoon telling me Cole had called her from Costco to tell her that they had 12 in stock (bundled with games, though), I knew in the back of my head it was a sign. I was going to get one soon. I had to get one soon.

Come on, Nintendo!! I have been a loyal Nintendo-ist (?) for years. Well, since about 1986, I think. How can they only release a few at a time?? I have to carry on the legacy of Nintendo consoles in my house! Won’t you help me help you, Nintendo?

I was starting to think it wouldn’t happen, but Friday before I left work I decided to check in on Nashville Is Talking before I went home just to see what was going on around there.

Thank Jebus I did.

Brittney had linked to a site that, at about 3 p.m., had posted that Best Buy in West Nashville had approximately 20 Wiis left in stock. Apparently they had gotten 100 that morning, and were down to 20 at 3.

“SHIT!” I thought, looking at the clock, which read 5:45 p.m. “I need to get my ass over there!”

But I didn’t know where the Best Buy in West Nashville was, and neither did MapQuest, because apparently it’s a brand new store. I called the number, and the recording gave me some hard-to-hear yet passable directions, and so I tore out of the office like a madwoman. On my way, I called the store again and talked to a live person who so kindly told me which way to go after I got off the exit, and where to turn at what light. (Note to Best Buy West Nashville: If you are so new that MapQuest doesn’t know where you are, you might want to amend your recorded directions to include more than just the I-40 exit, since it’s not just off the exit and you have to make more than one turn. Thank you.)

I walked in the store in a hurry, visualizing all of the people walking in front of me as minivan-driving soccer moms looking for another present to mollify snotty 15-year-old underacheiving sons with as my competition. I realize this is a completely insane assumption, but the Wii has done something to my brain over the last two weeks.

I had to have one.

The man I talked to on the phone earlier in fact confirmed they had Wiis for me, and suggested I go to the customer service desk for one, not to the back in the video game department. Always one to take good advice, I walked right to the customer service area, which shared its space with the Geek Squad.

As I made my way to the counter, I noticed a man looking at me a bit oddly. I’m sure I was looking at him a bit oddly, too, because as I walked closer I realized I knew him from somewhere.

When I got up to the counter, it all came clear. “Are you Megan!?” “Are you Kerry??!”

It was WonderDawg!

At that point, even before I saw the stack of 20-something Wiis behind the counter, I knew I would be leaving Best Buy with one. Come on, running into one of my favorite Nashville bloggers, right after Cole, who, along with Summer, adopted a shelter dog they heard about from this same blogger? Talk about the universe righting itself! :)

Ok, I know I sound like a lunatic, but it’s just the Wii-phoria talking.

Anyway, Kerry and I got to chat for a bit (he’s working part time for the Geek Squad there) while I was waiting in line, which was cool. This was the first time I have ever run into someone I knew solely from blogging, so it was a bit of a surreal experience. I was super excited and anxious to pick up my Wii—and though there were only two customers in front of me, they were returning stuff so it was taking for-ev-er—so I hope I didn’t seem tweaked out, Kerry! :)

He suggested I take pictures of the unboxing of the Wii, which I did, though they don’t look quite as good as other unboxings I’ve seen. One reason is probably because there were lots of small parts that don’t photograph too well. But mainly Ian and I were excited to set it up, and the cat kept sitting on stuff or walking into the picture. So I’m sorry if they suck. But you can see the unboxing here and the first night of Wii fun here.

As soon as I left the store I had to call Summer to tell her 1. that I finally got my Wii and 2. that I ran into Kerry at the store! I think she was laughing at me, but I told her that the next time she’s in town she has to come over and try out the Wii. And I know someone else (who I’m not sure if she wants me to link to her blog or not because I am a potty mouth) who wants to play, too, so we might just need to have ourselves a Wii party!

Anyway, that is the story of how I got the Wii. Ian and I, along with our friends that came over to play last night, are all sore as hell after a night of bowling, baseball, tennis and golf, but I’m going back downstairs for more now.

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So. Tired.

I don’t have the energy to blog about anything much tonight, not having slept more than five or six hours a night all week.

So instead of any real effort, here are two things that made me laugh recently:
Twitter really pisses me off, what with their lack of support/help/sufficient explanation of basic functions/bandwith, but when their entire site was down this week, the photo they put up was funny enough to persuade me to give them another shot. [They better come up with something else clever soon, because my patience is wearing thin again.]

Me talkin’ to Carl. Good ole Carl.

Wii Me, PLEASE!!

pic.gifWell, after sleeping on my Wii vs. PSP decision last night, I’ve decided that I would like to buy a Wii now (or rather, whenever the hell I can actually FIND one) and wait to purchase a PSP until they do some upgrades to the memory, etc.

Now that brings me to the real problem: Finding a Wii. Sure, when I mentioned to people that I want one, they say, “Oh, I saw one at [insert random store around M’boro] last week!” But I called at least 14 stores today in the boro and Nashville, and I might as well have been asking for a unicorn. Actually, they’d probably wouldn’t have laughed at me as much if I would’ve inquired about their unicorn inventory.
So, the search is on. Rumor has it the next big shipment comes at the beginning of April. And until then, I’m gonna be on those stores’ Web sites like, well, like me on Wii.

To PSP or Not to PSP

Ok, I’ve decided that I need a new toy. I was trying to decide between the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the Nintendo Wii, but now I’m leaning toward the PSP. Ever since seeing Patrick’s that he got the other day, I’ve really been thinking about the PSP. It’s definitely more portable than a Wii, about $50 cheaper, and is a media (movies, photos, music) player as well. AND you can surf the Internet via WiFi.
I’ve looked around online, and the word is that there will be an updated version of the PSP coming out soon. Some say it will hit Japan March 2007 (this month!) and then come to the states shortly after. It supposedly will be slimmer and have 8GB of onboard memory (the current version has none, and requires a memory card to save anything.)

So I ask you this (and I realize it’s a long shot): Has anyone heard of an estimated drop date for a new PSP? Is it even confirmed? I will wait a month or so to get one, but I don’t want to wait a year.

Update: this article from the UK says a new PSP has been confirmed, but doesn’t give a release date.

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I can do this all day

Ok ok ok ok. One more (again, bold means it’s the word I selected):

Jesus Christ in a sidecar!” said Melissa, “I forgot to tell Megan where I live! I hope she/he can find the way!”

But it was too late. Megan was already lost deep in the gnarly forest.

“What do I do?” Megan questioned out-loud. But only a/an sheep on a stump nearby seemed to answer. It made a loud bang and Megan screwed.

It was growing dark, and Megan was growing scared. When all of a sudden, from behind a tree came a sound like moose farting! It was the playpus that lived under Melissa’s porch eating its pizza!

Megan cleverly decided to follow the playpus back home. Later, Megan said, “If it wasn’t for the playpus , I would still be barfing around in the woods!”

Hahahahahaha. Oh, man. I really am like a 12-year-old aren’t I?


Rescued at Sea

Why am I just now discovering online Mad Libs?? I used to do them back in the day religiously with my cousin. Anyway, I bring you an online adventure (bold emphasis = words selected before story was created):

Megan and Ian were taking a ship from New York City to africa for their summer vacation. While they were playing cards one night, a(n) stupid storm rocked the boat for hours. Megan hit his/her head and fell overboard!

Holy shit!” cried Ian. But Megan was sinking! How ever would he/she survive?

Megan woke up suddenly and saw water and whales all around. “How crappy!” he/she thought. Megan needed to breathe, but was too far from the surface.

Just then, a shark quickly came to the rescue! The shark took Megan in its mouth and pulled him/her up for air. It made a(n) pfft and swam away.

“That amazing creature saved your life!” shouted Ian as 54 sailors threw Megan a life saving beer.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. We’ve GOT to do more of these.