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I don’t know how many of you subscribe to my RSS feed, but I just changed it. I was using FeedBurner, but then I realized that WordPress lets me create a feed through them, too, and track details about it. Since I never log on to Feedburner anymore, I thought this was a good way to consolidate trips around the tubes/pipes/whatever we’re snarkily calling the Internet now.

So please make note: http://meganblogs.wordpress.com/feed/

If you think this was a bad move, please let me know. I don’t really know too much about the ways of RSS except I subscribe to an assload of feeds.

Nevermind. Lynnster had a really good point. :)

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I can’t believe people actually think like this. Wait, yes I can.

As anyone who’s been following Nashville news lately knows, the topic of [illegal] immigration has been a hot one. As I’ve said before, I believe when a lot of people around here say “immigrants,” they really mean “hispanics.” Legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter to them. Nashville is full of rednecks, and these rednecks don’t want no dang mexicans around these here parts. (Except to build their houses, landscape their lawns, and feed them burritos. But as long as they don’t speak, ask to receive services—legally or illegally, it doesn’t matter—or send their kids to school, it’s cool.)

The best way to get an idea of just how racist and scared they are is to read some of the comments on the immigration stories in The Tennessean. I don’t believe everyone in Nashville feels this way, but it sure does stereotype us.

Here are some remarks from our city’s finest:

MominTn: “If you see them disobeying the traffic laws, write down the tag number (chances are it’s stolen).”

rebeltodd: “If any AMERICAN finds an immigrant who is not able to prove their “legality”, that AMERICAN has not the just the right, but the responsiblity … to KILL that illegal. I still say if the INS did it’s JOB, arrested illegal scum, and then EXECUTED them, we would not have this problem.”

jatowry: “If they are not illegal’s, why does Bank of America have to have SPANISH SPEAKING TELLERS FOR THEM TO DO BUSINESS WITH BANK OF MEXICO, I MEAN AMERICA?”

(uhh, right… because the minute you become legalized you magically are able to speak English, right?)

dave615c: “Its hard to compete against people that live 10 + people in a house.”

(Umm, how so?)

wendyw (who is very grammatically challenged): “we moved up here to get a way from them so my husband to get a construction job and when we go on the sites there is nothing but hispanics. WHY DID WE FIGHT THE ALAMO??????? ONLY TO HAVE THEM SHUVED DOWN OUR THROATS……. “

MominTN (I hope she’s not teaching her children to follow her logic, because this is some messed up shit): “At one time, there were over a dozen Mexicans in my neighbor’s tiny yard, painting the trim on the house… You have to know that they were illegal, because I have never seen anyone in my neighborhood with over 4 men painting their exterior trim. Usually it is just two men. Then another time, there were about 50 Mexicans standing in the parking area … learning how to use weedeaters. These also had to be illegal because what grown man in the US doesn’t knwo how to use a weed eater?

(So by this logic, any of my male adult friends/family members who don’t use weedeaters are illegal. And if I get three of my friends to help me paint some trim, that means we’re illegal as well.)

Vel6377: “If we sit and do nothing this entire state will one day look like Antioch.”

(Oh god no!! No more unfilled apartment complexes and crappy malls!!!)

Wu an: “I thought English was an international language. It’s pretty much spoken all over where as spanish is not or Islamic.”

(Islamic is a language now??)

alabama_wild_man: “But do NOT sneak into the U.S. and DEMAND that we translate everything into 15 different languages simply because they do not want to learn English… Doing that was one of the main reasons that the Roman Empire fell.”

(Ok. So people from 15 different countries are sneaking in the U.S. And the Roman empire fell because of the U.S.’ translation efforts??)

tpatterson: “Some of these people don’t want to just “stick” to their communities.”

(Yes, God forbid immigrants want to leave their neighborhood!!!)

EvilJ (this post was in sarcasm, but it does a great job of summing up the overall feeling of the commenters): Everybody knows Jesus was a white dude with a beard. And he is from Heaven. And he spoke only English, and there were no homosexuals or Mexicans. And guns…there were lots and lots of guns…because that is what God wants.”


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Want to buy an ugly-ass house?

Then go to Harrison Glen, a subdivision in Murfreesboro (well, it might be out of the city limits, it was pretty BFE when we found it.)

Ian and I had a lot to do this weekend, so of course we procrastinated the best we could. We went to get Whitt’s BBQ to ease our hangovers this morning (and by morning I mean 1 p.m.), and when we finished we decided a great way to waste time would be drive around the most country parts of Murfreesboro we hadn’t ever been around.

So we took off (I’m not going to get into specifics of where we were because 1. I don’t really remember the street names and 2. most people that read this blog probably won’t know where the hell I am referring to) and drove around randomly down some back roads, just to see where they’d take us.

We were on the Cason Lane side of town after leaving Whitt’s so we decided to see what new stores they were putting in around that area. That led us to some backroads, and eventually down some road where we kept seeing signs for Harrison Glen. We’d heard the name of that subdivision before, so after a conversation about how when Ian moved to Murfreesboro in 1992 there were only about 3 subdivisions and now there’s about 333, we decided to see what was so awesome about Harrison Glen that they deserved signs every 5 feet.

After driving for what seemed like an hour (but really was about 10 minutes) we found it—waaay out in BFE. OH. MY. GOD. It had the UGLIEST houses imaginable. Seriously. The first house we saw from the road was this beaut:


Oh yes, a lovely blue siding will do the trick to make your house look expensive. Oh, and that wasn’t the only eyesore nicety. Peach must be the new beige in house building, because this wasn’t the only one in the neighborhood of the hue:

Anyway, after we left Harrison Glen we found ourselves out on Barfield Church Road, near our house. We kept on trucking down 231 with no plan in mind. We went by Blackberry Ridge Golf Course to look at all the million dollar houses (and noticed one that we always look at when we pass—you really can’t help it, it’s so large—is for sale), and then decided to head out to Fosterville, since neither of us had even been there and it was on our way back to the house.

Well, Fosterville as about as exciting as a BFE community between Shelbyville and Murfreesboro could be, but we did see a front yard filled with rooster shelters. Ian said they were fighting roosters, but I don’t know how he could tell. Maybe it’s a guy thing. He also admonished me when I didn’t wave at a passing truck. Apparently, in the country you have to wave at people who pass you. But only people who pass you going the other direction. We were passed by several people from behind, but god damn we were seeing the sights in Fosterville! You can’t do that at 70 mph down a curvy country road.

So after seeing the fighting roosters and an old country store, we made our way back to 231 and headed home.

Now, it’s a couple hours later, and how much work have we accomplished?

Big. Fat. Zero.

Unless you count me working on my MTSU Undergrad music playlist on iTunes, blogging, and uploading a shit ton of old photos. Now that’s productive!

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