Screw Krogering, let’s go to the auto salvage lot!!

So I have been getting my car ready to trade in to the dealer when I buy my new car, and the last incident was that my right tail light was rusted out so I did not have a reverse light or a right blinker. (We tried replacing the lights, but the whole thing was rusted beyond use.) I can honestly say I never truly appreciated the value of a back turn signal. But now that I drive 75 miles a day—about 72 of these miles on the interstate—I know just how important it is. Especially when you are driving in bats-out-of-hell traffic in Nashville and trying to merge in or out of traffic.

Well, Ian and looked online to see how much a tail light assembly would cost. $150. Screw that. Then Ian had the grand idea to look at an auto salvage lot or a junkyard. Surprisingly, several salvage lots in Murfreesboro had their inventory online. We found one for $50 that was in good condition, and headed out there Saturday. (“Out there” is an understatement. They supposedly were located in Murfreesboro, but it was in BFE. The streets changed withouts signs, and where you thought you’d go straight to stay on the road actually ended up taking you down a completely different road, though the numbers on the mailboxes still descended accordingly.)

Let me tell you this: If there is ever a time to look like a redneck, that time is when you go to the auto salvage lot. And yes, there really is always a dog at a junkyard.

This place ruled. Wrecked cars piled on top of each other, most behind a fence, but many just laying around where anyone could jump on top of them or do whatever you’d feel like doing at a salvage lot. I thought it would be cool to see a 25-car high tower of flames, but that’s just me.

So we walk in the office of this joint, which was, obviously, covered in parts pulled out of junked cars. (If you ever want a crappy stereo, head down Mt. Herman Road. They’ve got you covered.) We tell the dude behind the counter what we’re looking for, he punches some keystrokes on his computer’s keyboard, and we commence the following conversation:

Salvage lot dude: “Yeah, we’ve got one. It’s $85.”
Ian: “85 dollars!?!”
Salvage lot dude: “Well, we can do it for $75.”
Me: “Uh, your Web site said 50.”
Salvage lot dude: “Oh. Well we can do it for $50, that’s fine.”

Ian and I, thinking to ourselves: “Why didn’t we say $35??!”

I suppose because we had all of our teeth and funny, artsy glasses they thought we wouldn’t dicker over price. Well fuck that. I’ll argue over price with anyone, no matter what color their neck is.

So after what seemed like 3 hours of waiting in a diesel-covered waiting area alternated with 2 hours of kicking rocks outside because I couldn’t breathe anymore inside, our tail light appeared and we rocked out.

It actually was an interesting experience. I would have taken pictures of all the wreckage around the lot, but I was seriously afraid someone would have come out and shot me.

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Editing the Flickr photostream?

Does anyone know if you can do that? For some reason, when I import items into the photostream, it doesn’t always do it in a way that reflects the order in which the photos were taken. For instance, look here and you’ll see that the Jan. 19 Project365 photo is showing up as being more current than the other ones.

I know that within sets you can change the order in which your photos display, but is there any way that you can make the most current ones show up in your actual photostream? I’m using the Flickr Uploadr for Mac, and it makes no difference what order I load them into the program. It still comes out the same.

EDIT: OK, I know you can control the order in which you place the photos into the Flickr uploader, but let’s say you screw up, or you have like 5000 photos. There should be a way to go back and control the order of your photostream. Or at least it should be standard that the newest photo would appear first. Why didn’t this happen this time?

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Project365 | Jan. 24

Project365 | Jan. 24, originally uploaded by Megan_G.

My new purse. My first expensive purse purchase in my entire life! I realized—and I don’t know why it’s taken me this long—that my entire purse collection is made up of hippie bags I sling over my shoulder. I have some cute inbetween purses, but no nice leather “I’m a real grownup woman” purses.

Now I do.

It’s Fossil, not uber-trendy/uber-expensive Dooney & Bourke or Coach, but it still rules. It cost me $120 and I even like it better than the $400 other-brand ones.

I tried looking at the Coach and D&B purses (through the glass case, of course) just to see if I could will myself to like them. And I realized that while they might look good on the arm of some people (my friends included), they would not look good on me. I just can’t pull it off. I don’t think I’m girly enough. And I’m not using girly in a derogatory way at all.

I’m just more dude-like. Even Ian says so.

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