Song Titles Survey

I got this survey earlier today on MySpace, but enjoyed it so much I thought I would blog it as well. Please feel free to tackle it yourself and post your results (and send me a link if you don’t post it as a bulletin.) I’d love to read everyone’s answers!!

Choose a band and answer the questions by using song titles from only that band.

Pick an Artist: Barenaked Ladies

1.) Are you a male or female?
I’ll Be That Girl

2.) Describe yourself:
Down to Earth

3.) How do you feel about yourself?

4.) Describe your ex boyfriend / girlfriend:
Everything Had Changed (or, as a second choice: Why Say Anything Nice?)

5.) Describe how you feel at the moment:

6.) Describe your current location:

7.) Describe where you want to be:
Hello City

8.) Your best friend/friends is/are:
Some Fantastic

9.) Your favorite color is:
Powder Blue

10.) You know:
I Live With It Every Day

11.) What’s the weather like?

12.) If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
It’s Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland)

13.) What is life to you?

14.) What is the best advice you have to give?
Rule the World With Love

15.) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

That title has no significance, I just always wanted to start off a thought with that title.

So, the end of the Thanksgiving weekend is here. I was so excited to have four freaking days off, and here it is: Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. and it’s over. Boo. Hoo. Back to the grindstone.

Thursday’s Thanksgiving was good; we hung out at Ian’s mom’s house all day and ate our weight in food. Now I want more turkey. Damn.

We celebrated Ian’s birthday over the course of the four-day weekend. Today is his actual birthday, and I cooked stuffed shells for him. Well, for him and Scott and Huwe and Abby. I believe they were quite good. I didn’t use an onion this time because they give Ian migranes. Happy birthday baby. ;)

Anyway, tomorrow’s back to work, and I guess I need to catch up on a bunch of crap I didn’t get a chance to this week. Hard to believe Christmas is almost here. I have so much shopping to do it’s not even funny. Here’s a tip to all of you I have to shop for: PUBLISH AN ONLINE WISH LIST OR TELL ME WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT.

That is all I have the energy to write. I have had about a half bottle of wine and need some sleep.


I’ve never been one to sit around and list everything I’m thankful for, even though when I was a kid my parents would have us sit around the Thankgiving table and tell everyone. I’m more of the type to think to myself every day as I experience something, or someone crosses my mind, “wow. i am so lucky.”

But sitting around all day yesterday with friends and [assumed] family, feeling so comfortable and full and relaxed, it occured to me this morning that maybe I should relay my fortune. So while not covering everything, here’s a smattering of things for which I am grateful:

//post-surgical health. walk and run and jump and fall. and live. it’s been slow-going, but when i think back to august and remember the two weeks i could hardly walk, every time i run up the stairs or bend and twist my body in ways i never thought i would again, i think i actually feel myself glow.

//ian. laugh and love and feel and think. i don’t usually enunciate the mushy-mushy, but i think that if there’s such a thing as a twin for a soul, his is mine.

//friends. old and new and familiar and intriguing. i have taken and given and so have they. months can go by and we never need to play catch-up. we are so not the same and it’s wonderful.

//my kitties. soft and purr and sleep and love. the best listeners, and never tell me my ass looks fat in those jeans.

//my family. loud and crazed and anger and strength. yes we are dysfunctional, but they’ve made me the way that i am today–good and bad. if i love myself, it’s because i’ve loved them and lived to remember it.

//career. moving and breathing and on its way. hard work pays off. dues are still being paid, but i get cash back this time.

//knowledge. free and open and expand and indulge. every day something new. i am insatiable in my pursuit of it. good knowledge gives back more than it takes.

Keeping Chicago Weird(er)

Well, for those of you who didn’t know, I just completed a whirlwind tour with the Barenaked Ladies. Haha. I wish. But I did just get back last night from my trip back home to Chicago, where I saw BNL for the second time in a week. The previous was last weekend in Austin.

I went to this show with my sister Katie, and our seats were freaking amazing. We weren’t on the ground level, but this turned out to be even better because everyone usually stands at their shows (unless you’re an asshole, and I’ll get more into that later) so we didn’t have to stand on our tippie-toes to try to see over anyone. We were about five rows up on the second level, VERY close to the stage. Of the four times I have seen them, this was probably the second-best seating I’ve had. I was very enthused.

Now. Back to the beginning.

I left Wednesday afternoon to drive up to Chicago, where I stayed with my sister and her boyfriend at their apartment. It rained the ENTIRE time. I am not joking. From the time I left Murfreesboro until I got to Merrilville, Indiana, it rained like the dickens. I had to pull over several times because I couldn’t see. In Indianapolis it was raining so hard I couldn’t see the sign to know which way to keep on I-65, and ended up taking a short but not the end of the world detour. By the time I got to Merrilville, I had been on the phone with both of my sisters, who were calling my mom, trying to look at the radar to know when the rain would end. There was no way in hell I was going to navigate the construction on the south side of Chicago in rain so hard I couldn’t even see well-lit or well-paved roads, so I stopped and got a hotel for $80. Let me tell you, that was the best money I spent the entire trip. The next morning I was on the road by 7 a.m., and made it to Katie’s by 9, where I unloaded the computer, stereo and printer I brought her and then crashed on her couch for the rest of the day.

The concert was wonderful. I don’t know what it is about those guys in BNL, but they’re awesome. Their lyrics are so clever and self-deprecating and dark and smart, they just inspire me and make me hopeful. That’s kind of weird, I guess, but I love it. After all I have been through in my life, relationships, work, family problems, etc., they are one of the few bands I have been able to keep for myself. (Let me explain that statement: I always, always associate songs, groups, lyrics, etc. with certain people, places and times of my life. Certain songs or artists have been ruined for me because they become associated with negativity in my life. BNL has always been just mine.)

When Katie and I first sat down in our seats, some people sat down next to us and asked if we would switch seats with two of their friends (actually I think one was the chick’s sister, I don’t know who the other was). The husband said he wouldn’t do it (thanks for pointing that out dude, why the hell are you asking then?), but tried to insist that “their seats are closer.” Closer to what? we asked. Sure, their seats were closer to the ground level, but they were about ten seats farther from the stage. We told them no, but suggested they ask the people next to their friends if they would switch with them. They didn’t seem to like that idea (DUH! BECAUSE OUR SEATS ARE BETTER!) but said they would try. To no avail, and alas they were sitting by us. The wife seemed pretty pissed, but Katie and I pretty much decided she could kiss our asses. There wasn’t a two-ticket limit, and it wasn’t our fault they didn’t all order their tickets together. I paid $120 for those tickets and I’ll be damned if I’m moving. Plus, the guy was wearing a Lynard Skynard shirt that Katie saw at Target. That should be illegal.

And speaking of annoyances, for the first half of the concert two girls behind us were singing every word out of Steve and Ed’s mouths–at the top of their lungs. I could hear them better than I could hear the band. I wanted to say something, but we didn’t want to get drinks poured on us. We tried turning around and giving dirty looks, but that didn’t seem to faze them. Then Katie noticed them complaining that the people behind them were bitching at them to sit down. So a plan was born.

We turned around and struck a deal: If they would stop singing so loudly, Katie and I would stand up so they could in turn stand. Then, if the people behind them (namely, “that redhead bitch,” according to our one row back seat mates) bitched about them standing, they could blame it on us (“Well, we can’t see because those two girls in front of us are standing.) Katie and I were prepared to tell the redhead bitch to fuck off if it meant no more pedestrian singing. “It’s a good deal!!” exclaimed the chicks, and the deal was born. We stood, with the two girls following suit after a few minutes. No more loud singing except from the glorious mouths of Barenaked Ladies. So thank you, girls in section 111, row E, seats 7 and 8, for allowing us to enjoy our concert experience as well.

The douchebags next to us (remember Lynard Skynard Target Shirt and My Sister is Entitled to Your Seats Even Though I Could Have Bought Four When I Ordered Them?) left after the first encore song (DUH everyone knows BNL does three encores) so Katie and I scootched down a couple of seats for a great view for a few quick photos. (Cameras were barred, but Katie somehow managed to sneak hers in. We had to be pretty quick about taking pictures, though, as security was about two rows down from us.)

The concert was a blast; again, they sang my favorite song (Call and Answer) as the last encore, and I fell in love with Steven Page and Ed Robertson all over again.

Friday was family day, where my parents surprised me and bought my Christmas present early, the new iPod Shuffle. Now, I absolutely love, adore, LIIIIEEEEBBBEEEE my iPod Photo, but I am so overprotective of it that I am always nervous about carrying it around in the gym, especially when I don’t have pockets. This way, I can just clip the bad boy on my shirt and voila. Plus it’s just fucking cool that I have a 1 GB mp3 player that clips on my god damn shirt or wherever the hell I want to put it.

For dinner we all ate (and drank. Wine. A lot.) together and had a good time, but then Katie and I took Emily back to her apartment (stopping at the liquor store first because, after all, we couldn’t just stop drinking) and played Scene It, where I was robbed of a victory by a thumb-wrestling competition and Citizen Kane. Just wait, Junnhi. It’s on like flan next time I see you.

Saturday morning we woke up and got bagels, headed over to Super H Mart, a Korean supermarket (where, seriously, we were the only white people there. We stuck out so bad, being 5’6, 5’7 and 5’8 and blonde/auburn headed.) I got a shitload of Korean and Japanese candy, and then headed home, glad that it only rained a little bit on the return trip home.

When I got home, Ian had a bottle of (really good) wine waiting on me and started cooking me dinner. It was really, really good to be home. I’m looking forward to the holidays, but more importantly, looking forward to being around the house, around my friends, around Ian and the cats, and around town for a while.

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Keeping Austin Weird

Well, I tried. I don’t know if my presence alone was enough to keep it weird, but I tried while I was there this weekend visiting my friend/coworker Summer and her husband, Cole. They, along with their two dogs and two cats, were kind enough to let me stay with them this weekend and showed me a great time around Austin.

I guess what started the idea of the trip was the Barenaked Ladies concert Saturday night at The Backyard, which Summer went to with me. I am being sort of a groupie: I went to Saturday’s concert and will be at their Thursday concert in Chicago, too. (I also wanted to go to their concert in Atlanta last Thursday, but was afraid I wouldn’t make it back to Nashville in time to make my flight to Austin.)

Friday my plane landed about 7 and Summer and Cole picked me up and we went to dinner at Threadgill’s, a neat restaurant with a lot of atmosphere–and armadillos!!!! After dinner we walked around downtown a bit by the capitol.

Ok here’s where I show my stupidity.

I had no freaking idea that Austin was the capital of Texas. Nor did I know that six flags had flown over it, let alone the damn FRENCH flag.

This would turn out to be a very educational trip for me. (I also learned that roadrunners really exist. They’re not just a made up Warner Bros. concoction.)

Saturday brought more exercise than I’ve had in a while–and I loved it!! We took a nice walk near the river on a Greenway-esq trail and got some great pictures. I was amazed at how hilly and green Austin is. I wasn’t expecting full-on desert because Summer had already told me it wasn’t like that until you got farther west, but I don’t think I was expecting the city to be so lush. It was a welcome surprise.

After our hike near the river, we headed up to Mt. Bonnell. That was awesome. Lined with crazy-huge million dollar houses, the view of the river below was spectacular. The trail walked up and down was beautiful, and we saw a couple of people set up to paint the view. (Look for pictures soon on my Web site.)

After leaving Mt. Bonnell, we stopped by Mayfield Park, this little sanctuary with peacocks. Yes, peacocks. You could walk right up and hug them. Well, you could, but I wouldn’t. And didn’t. They kind of freaked me out with their crazy ghetto hairdos. But they were pretty, as was their little habitat.

We stopped for lunch at a place called Guero’s, which Summer and Cole referred to as “Tex Mex” but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Mexican food to me. I suppose the closer you get to the border the more authentic it gets, but it was better than the Mexican food in Nashville, so I don’t give a damn what you call it. It was freaking delicioso.

The one thing that struck me about Austin was all of the dogs I saw. It must be a very dog-friendly place. People were eating on restaurant patios with their dogs at their feet. Very cool.

The concert Saturday night was freaking AWESOME. We were 25 rows back but dead center, and could pretty much see what we needed to. We stood the entire time. It wasn’t us being assholes to the people around us; EVERYONE stood and rocked out the entire time. It was cold, about 40-something I would say, so I had to put on a nice alcohol blanket to keep myself warm, even with the heavy jacket Summer lent me. Unfortunately, alcohol blankets mean having to, um, break the seal, so I missed a couple minutes of the show. But I made sure to make a beeline for the pisser during a song I wasn’t completely in love with. Good thinking on my part, huh?

After the show we headed home, and the next day before my plane left we headed out to the Salt Lick, a barbeque joint that featured real Texas bbq cuisine. Although I was informed by my gracious hosts that pork bbq is not “real” bbq :), I chickened out and decided to go with the pork anyway. I was not disappointed. It was very good, and I like to think I have had my fair share of bbq in the almost 10 years I have spent in the south.

After the Salt Lick Summer and I hit the mall for a minute, and then she dropped me off at the Austin airport. Oh, that was another adventure. Summer and Cole had given me some wonderful salsa and jelly to take back with me, and not thinking I put them in my carry on. Actually, I was thinking: I thought if I packed them in my checked luggage they’d end up broken all over my clothes. Well, apparently salsa and jam count as liquids, aerosols or jells to some folks, because I was stopped in security. After arguing with security about the liquidity of salsa (I don’t know about you, but I don’t DRINK my goddamned salsa), my entire bag was opened and swabbed for, I don’t know, more bomb-making salsa items I suppose. They confiscated my salsa and jelly, and then tried to tell me that no food at all was allowed, as they tried to take my M&Ms. I called bullshit on that one, because I had brought that exact bag with me from Nashville on the plane. They let me go, sans salsa and jelly, though I later found I was missing my bag of spearmint leaves candy, too. Assholes.

All in all it was an excellent trip. Summer and Cole were so nice to let me stay with them and gave me a kick-ass tour of Austin. I’d like to go back and visit again sometime, preferably when it’s a bit warmer so I can take further advantage of the views and outdoor eating establishments.

But I’ll be sure to drink all my fucking salsa before I get on the plane to come home.

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New pics!

I finally got around to posting some pics from Halloween and the Jack Daniels’ BBQ festival. Halloween was a blast: Melissa, Brent, Tabby, Alex, Ian and I went over to Aubrey and Kelly’s and got drunk and played trivia games and poker. The next day we went down to Lynchburg for the annual Jack Daniels’ Barbecue Festival, which was tasty and fun as always.

Check out the pics here and here, or you can just go to and click on the photo sets.

Ian’s Wish List

Pretty self-explanatory: A list of things Ian wants.

Heineken. Always a great gift idea.

DVDs (widescreen format)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Any season, 1-5)
Southpark (Any season except No. 1)
Monty Python: Life of Brian
Monty Python: Meaning of Life
A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
Hang ‘Em High