Hollywood’s Hottest

So this morning when I was waking up, I kept hearing this commercial on E! (it’s Entertainment Television) about Hollywood’s hottest celebrity hookups, followed by Hollywood’s hottest celebrity… BLOGS?!

No. way. What kind of blog could E! consider hot? I mean, when I hear celebrity blogs I think of Dan Gillmor, Dave Winer, David Weinberger, and I guess my boss, since he’s pretty well-known, I think.

But could they make it on E!? And are they the hottest blogs? I mean, the content is awesome… but hot? Surely my ears were deceiving me.

So I decided to wake up, listen closer, and put on my glasses (just for good measure.) What did I discover?

That coming up was Hollywood’s hottest celebrity hookups… followed by Hollywood’s hottest celebrity BLONDES.

No blogs. Just blondes. I should have known E! wouldn’t think blogs were hot.

Sometimes I Am Lucky

Today I received my final grades for what are probably the last grad courses I will take for several years.

If you have read my previous posts, you will remember that I basically gave up on homework mid-semester, and my final papers for each class, that were supposed to be 20 pages each, were fused into one superpaper that was supposed to be 30 pages–which actually turned out to be about 10.

So I actually was expecting to fail. I was hoping really hard for a D in both courses, but since I hadn’t done homework since the mid-semester (when I still was getting an A in both courses but had no time or desire for the classes anymore) and came up waaaay short on the final paper (which was worth 40 percent of my grade) I was fully prepared to accept my first Fs in my entire scholastic career.

So imagine my elation when I checked my grades and discovered my professor had awarded me with Cs. Sweet, luminous Cs. I have never been so happy to be average in my life.

All the times in the past when I had worked my ass off and knew I deserved an A but got a B+ finally paid off. I deserved an F. Well, maybe a D. But I guess my professor took into account that I was giving up school work for work work, and that must mean something to him.

Hear this, mass comm students–I think I may have found the one professor in all of eternity that recognizes the importance of having a career outside of academia.

Or maybe he just didn’t want the Fs to reflect badly on him. Maybe since they were online courses he cut me some slack. There was a lot of work throughout the semester. The work I did actually complete was probably worth an entire semester anyway.

I could come up with hundreds of maybes, but at this point, the reason doesn’t matter.

I am done with my pursuit of a master’s degree for the time being, and with the threat of failure off my shoulders, I can start living it up before I wonder, again, where the years have gone.