Megan in Washington (D.C., that is)

So I’m here… my second and last night in Washington, D.C.

I attended the first part of the Politics Online Conference today at George Washington University. The hot topics really centered around blogging, which was definitely good for me to hear. All though I blog, I don’t really consider myself a “blogger,” per se. Though, according to my boss, when e-mailing first took off they weren’t called “e-mailers,” either.

But today I was in the company of real, big-time bloggers. Not just the panelists or the presenters, but the audience as well. There were many active bloggers there; I would assume many of them were political bloggers, but I think the majority were what I would call social-environment bloggers. They comment on the environment of society, or what is social. I don’t know if there is a difference or not. It’s probably a matter of opinion.

But on to D.C. I’ve never been here before, and it’s kind of a shame I don’t have more time to do some sight-seeing. But, hey, that’s why it’s called “here on business.” A girl at the college today told me there’s some really great shopping in Georgetown, but I didn’t want to take a 20 minute ride down there by myself at 6 p.m. with my feet already killing me. Yeah, I’m kind of lame. But I’ve been told not to go to Georgetown by myself. What, is it worse than Cabrini or something?

So even though D.C. is technically in the South (I think… does this still qualify as South?)(I just looked at a map… sorry I guess it’s not south. Sorry to have misjudged you, Virginia.)ANYWAY… the point I was trying to make (no, not that I am geographically challenged – hey so is the rest of America so fuck off) is that customer service in this town BLOWS. People are not friendly. I never thought I would say this, but I miss southern hospitality. I haven’t really been treated rudely, but there’s no trying to be nice to the customer at all.

Well, ok, I was treated rudely this morning. The shower handle would not turn, therefore I could not take a shower. I pulled and pushed with all of my might, but alas, no water. So I called down to the front desk to ask for some help and was told they would send someone up. Thirty minutes later, no one had come up to help me, so I called again. The same woman answered, asked me (again) if no one had come up, and then — oh yes, like it was MY fault the shower wouldn’t work and engineering didn’t respond to her call — hung up on ME.

But about 5 minutes later a dude came upstairs to help. It took all 300 pounds (or more) of him to turn the water on.

I felt stupid for about a minute, but then realized I was running over half an hour late and jumped in the shower. The moldy, grimy shower. So much for luxury. Whoever runs this hotel’s Web site needs a raise and an award.

But, I can see the lights of the city from my hotel window and I know tomorrow I will learn much more, and then get to go home to my family of Ian and the kitties.

Now I’m going to eat my Au Bon Pain sandwich that the people at the restaurant irritatingly made for me… making it very clear that it was close to closing time and they weren’t going to speak audibly or nicely to me… no matter how much they were charging me for the food.