Back to School

Yeah, so much for posting a lot more. School – though both classes are online this semester – is NOT easy. So much for easing back into it.

Each week I have to read several hundred pages… and then write an abstract (a.k.a. short paper) about each thing that I read. Sounds like it would be easy… but the readings are no piece of cake.

Anyway, things are going well at work. I’m really learning a lot about HTML and the Web program we use, and I get to write a whole heck of a lot. I’m starting to feel that “new girl” stigma ease off a little and feel like I’m getting to know the people there a little better. There are some really cool people there. I hope I’m as cool as some of them when I’m old(er). No offense to anyone over 45. :)

Well, I have to read and write for the class that’s due tonight, and then it’s on to tomorrow’s stuff.

Leave me comments of encouragement, people! (Or of how I shouldn’t complain so much, I don’t care!! Just comment!)