Stuck in the 90s isn’t so bad

So… I’m recovered from last night, and though I’m still drinking, I’m not drunk yet.

But I’m still on my neverendingquesttocreatetheultimate90siMix. You have to say it like that.

But I need help. I’m relying mainly on already-created iMixes to find my songs, but I’m afraid I’m missing crucial pieces. So if you don’t mind, send me some songs that you remember – good memories – from the 90s. If you don’t know the title or artist, just send me some lyrics or something. I’ll do the work from there.

Lost Years?

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your youth? Or your young-adult years?

I’m trying to make an ultimate 90s iMix, and I am getting so fucking nostalgic. There are songs that remind me of high school, and then there are songs that remind me of college. And I don’t know which are making me more nostalgic. I really don’t think I ever knew the meaning of that word until the last year, when I realized that the years 1998-2002 have just disappeared. I know I had a great time, even though my love life was fucked and I was really hurting, but I had GREAT times with friends, and I guess I really was finding myself.

Is it ok to feel like those years were so separate? Is it ok to miss them, but not really want to relive them, either?

Ugh, drunk on Christmas Eve. A dangerous game to play.

I love Apple

With a week off (10 days, actually) from my new and awesome job, I brought home my PC laptop from work, just in case I need to work on something Web-related for work. I use a PC laptop there for the Web software and a Mac desktop. I think, I hope, I’ll be getting a Powerbook to replace the iMac, but I’m not sure quite yet.

Anyway, the IT guy there let me also take home an old clamshell iBook, similar to my old one that I’ve been trying to fix. So I realized a minute ago, while I was sitting in my livingroom floor in the midst of my electronic household, that I have 7 computers in the house, and six of them are mine. Well, four are mine personally, two are from my work and one is Ian’s long-forgotten PC desktop.

I keep putting off trying to sell my old iMac Graphite DVSE, but just can’t seem to do it. And I think I have come to the realization that I don’t want to part with it – and that’s okay.

My dream is one day to have an Apple in every room in the house. Obviously I’ll need a bigger house to pull this off with style :), and that’s ok… more time to acquire more Apple computers. I would like to get my hands on an old unit, though that might be expensive to do.

I would like to have a special area set up in each room where I can have said computer docked and wireless… so that it can function as a music-sharing jukebox, connect to the Internet, etc. A full-on multimedia house… that would be so freaking awesome.

Although, looking around my livingroom I probably could set up the iMac DV down here, but I’d have to really get it wireless and get some sort of pimped out table for it. But I don’t think my multimedia house could reach full potential in this house right now. I love my condo, don’t get me wrong, but one day I hope to have a little more room for my “toys.”

So… for the time being, at least during my week off work, I am going to focus on fixing my clamshell, and maybe try to learn more customization tricks in OS9 or something.

Christmas Comes Early in the Morris-Goodchild House

So, as usual, Ian and I can’t keep our Christmas presents secret til Christmas. He spilled the beans of my present tonight (at my insistence, of course) – a brand new, freaking bad ass bed!!! We’re going tomorrow to make sure I like it, since it ain’t cheap, and then hopefully we’ll be able to find someone with a truck to help us get the mattress over here. I’ve wanted a new bed forever!!

And, accordingly, I can’t keep secrets either, which I why he’s opened up his 5-disc DVD player/surround sound home theater system tonight – we’re testing it out on The Matrix (the gold standard for testing surround sound). I believe he’s figured out that it can go even louder, but luckily (for our neighbors) he’s going to wait until tomorrow to test that out.

Well, this is officially my first weekend since school’s been out. I just found out I got a B+ in my hardest class, which for some people would be good, but it just pisses me off that I didn’t have the time to devote to it for an A. And I really missed it closely, too, since my final was the deciding factor (got a B on it). I guess a B is good, since it is my first semester in grad school and I just started a new job (and while I was working at my old one, it was definitely taking up a lot of time), but still. I wanted an A. Dammit dammit dammit.

Hooray a new blog!

So… I’m switching from iBlog to Blogger so that I can blog from anywhere, even if I’m not on my computer. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to port my old blogs over here, or just leave a link up on my .mac homepage in case people want to read them. I think I’ll probably post my poetry and prose here, though.

And please, feel free to leave comments! (That is, unless you’re a scuzzy spammer. Then get lost.)