Wow. Doing homework with a hangover SUCKS

Apparently you can get too old for partying. And I didn’t even party hard last night. Just a few glasses of wine must have been a few too many. But I did just get an e-mail from one of my professors saying we had an extra week to turn in our papers (and I e-mailed him back letting saying I thought he just restored my belief that there was some sort of god in the universe). While that doesn’t get rid of the fact that I still have to finish it ASAP so I can work on my other – 30 page – paper, I felt the pressure melt away, literally.

Oh what a vixen you are, red wine.

Wow, it’s been a while, huh?

Yeah, that’s what grad school does to a gal. So, I’ve been studying – a lot. And making pretty good grades, though I think my psyche has about had it. No, maybe not. I think all this reasoning and theorizing is probably good for the creative mind. It calms it down a bit, I think, and makes me look for reason in the philosophical.

Yeah, that’s all I need: another reason to analyze something.

Big news coming. Stay tuned.