Manifestations of masochism: My love/hate relationship with stress and what it produces

The last few weeks at work have been hell. Ok, that sounds pretty negative. What I mean is, our whole department has been really overloaded, and it feels like the last three weeks actually took place in about three days. I really understand now what people mean when they talk about days slipping by.

It is a scary feeling.

My load seemed a little lighter at the end of last week, but now I’m feeling the pressure again. The thing is, it’s mostly stuff I really want to do. I have several projects that are really allowing me to be creative and start things from scratch, but that’s what’s taking so long, too. It’s hard to go through the creative process when you’ve got people calling and stopping by the office asking for things that are somewhat trivial in the whole scheme of things, but that they feel will make or break the existence of the universe.

But I am making progress, and I know that this is the nature of the business that I am in. And I am not trying to complain (contrary to the belief of Ian), just vent, I guess.

As stressed out and overworked as I may feel, I thrive on it. And I’m starting grad school next Monday, which will basically be like working another job. I am going to be stressed and nervous and tired and strung out on all the knowledge my brain takes in and production it puts out.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.