Going back to school

I am going back to get my master’s in Mass Communications!

That’s right – this fall I’m enrolling in the master’s program for Mass Communications. Hopefully I will be able to get through it in about 3 years.

Ian’s enrolling, too, but to get his master’s in professional science – Biostatistics, to be exact. Smartypants.

So I guess both of us are just soooo looking forward to torturing ourselves.

I am already stressed out enough at work.

What the hell am I getting myself into?

(But I’m kind of excited!)

God = scapegoat?

I went to a wedding last night for some of Ian’s friends from high school, and during the ceremony I realized that people all too often use God as a scapegoat.

As the pastor was performing the ceremony, he talked about how important faith is to a marriage. But he kept repeating that the faith to be had was to be had in God. That’s pretty much taking the blame off of the actual living, breathing people involved and saying “Ok so this could get really shitty, but instead of taking responsibility for my actions I’m just going to have faith that GOD will work it out.”

That’s bullshit.

I have come to realize that in a relationship there are two entities in which faith must be had. In yourself and in your partner. Fuck blaming it on someone else, especially a religious diety that all-too-often gets the blame for everything else in this fucked up universe.

If you can’t have faith in yourself to know yourself and the person with whom you’re with, if you can’t have faith to do the right thing or do what you can do, than you’re fucked. If you can’t have faith in the person you’re with to love you and do the right thing and all that other blah blah blitty blah blah shit, than what’s the point?

God is too often likened to a real person to have faith in nowadays. For me, I have to have faith in myself, in my partner, and out of that will come the hope that we will make it. I guess there’s always a little chance involved, but since I believe that all gods can exist, instead I am going to throw a little hope towards the Universe, and hope she can hook us up with a little help, too.