Evil Twin is NOT pregnant

I just realized I never followed up on Evil Twin. He is a HE, is not pregnant, and does not have any communicable diseases. He is also neutered. He is well-fed, because of us, but obviously was someone’s cat at one time. I guess he is ours now.

We’ve been letting him in every now and then, and Gordo has not cougared-out once, to my complete surprise. He really just ignores him most of the time, which is totally weird. E.T. pretty much ignores Gordo, and everything else is his path as he makes his way to the good food bowl.

I think Gordo is afraid that if he acknowledges the existence of his evil twin from a parallel universe the world might end.

Thanks, Gord, for looking out for the world. You’re alright, little buddy.

New music = good mood

All I can say is check out The Killers. The fact that someone really annoying that I know recognized their song, and the fact that their song was playing in public, does not deter me from saying they are a good sound. They, along with a new Beck song, have been putting me in a good mood lately.

I love fresh new music. And fresh old music, too. Check out some hip-hop inspired Indian music sometime.

I heart Asheville! (Bring on the hippies!)

Ian and I just got back last night from our trip to Asheville, NC. It was the most awesome place I have been to in a long time. We stayed in an awesome house in Black Mountain, a sleepy little town about 10 minutes from Asheville. The “cottage” we stayed at was a really cool house – the woman that owns it has traveled all over the world, mainly Europe, and the art and decor in the house really reflects that.

So why do I love Asheville so much? It is a town of maybe a couple hundred thousand people, but it’s just like a big city. Well, it has all the amenities of one, but except for filth and crime there are hippies and liberal thinkers. (Ian would argue that hippies are filthy, but I’m not going to perpetuate THAT stereotype).

There were cool places to eat and drink, shop (which Ian was kind enough to let me do – since it was my birthday!) and hear music (I’m assuming; we saw places but didn’t have too much time to hang out in them).

It seems like a place that would be a great compromise for us – we could live in/near Asheville so I would be able to enjoy the comforts and causings of city life, and we would be surrounded by mountains, country, and nature – all of which Ian enjoys and apparently can’t live without. And I do like the mountains better than the flat-sometimes-hills of Middle Tennessee.

And hippies make things so much more interesting.

Evil Twin might be pregnant

Yeah, we thought HE was just getting fat, but noticed today that the fat is hard, not squishy, and it’s expanding sideways, not down like most fat cats’ guts do. Holy crap, we need to get him/her to a vet. Anyone want a kitten?

Ok, totally random note: Today I was out shopping like a girl and saw my friend/colleague Mat and told him about this great $50 bag I got for $10. Mat, sorry – I know you do not care about such things. Normally i don’t either. Please pardon my temporary girliness.

Spring has finally come back to Murfreesboro!

Yesterday was the shittiest day ever – weatherwise – in awhile. But today it is much nicer. We are having Ian’s mom and her boyfriend over to grill out on the new grill Ian bought.

Evil Twin become almost like part of the family. He has been around almost every morning now, not just at night. We think he might be sleeping in the box we keep by the front door. He’s so cute; when we come home he’s usually sitting on the front door mat, like he’s guarding it. And he makes biscuits on it, just like Gordo. Except Evil Twin has nails.

He’s sitting in the window right now.

Work’s been really stressful lately. I was the photographer for the CEO at our golf tournament last week, and that was kind of fun. It was pretty cold, which sucked, since I originally thought I’d be able to get some sun. But I scored a bunch of free golf crap for Ian, so that was cool. And I saw a bunch of doctors and other rich folk with old golf clubs play mostly crappy golf. Or maybe it was just that they were crappy on hole 7. The best one was a 78 year old man. But I guess he has all the time in the world to practice.