New Southpark is on!

Yeah, it’s the little things I get excited about in my life.

Like hosting a silent auction for some paintings that a nurse at work donated to raise money for the March of Dimes. I bid on and won two paintings today, and I can’t wait to get them framed and up in the house!

I am also inspired to start painting. I think I will try to set up an easel outside on the back porch and paint my little creative heart out. Or at least try. At least it will get me outside.

Ok so back to Southpark. The rerun we just watched was the one where Cartman makes Kenny put his ass in the face part of his snowsuit and take his school picture that way, and then has it put on a milk carton. Then these people with asses for faces see it and go to Southpark in search of their son, and long story short Ben Afflect turns out to be their son. Ben Assfleck. Ha ha, Cartman.

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Actually there’s nothing bloody about today (not to my knowledge at least) but I am in a U2 kind of mood.

Still messing around with links and shit. It’s getting better. I still wish I knew how to change the font of the links. Maybe I should buy an HTML book for dummies.

It is so freaking nice outside. And I am still laying in the bed. Ian went to play golf today with some friends. Better him than me. I am going to meet Aubrey and Melissa at the Lobster (Red Lobster) so we can do our best Sex and the City impressions.

I guess I better get my lazy ass out of bed and into the shower now.

Off into the Sunset

Today I saw what is meant by someone going “off into the sunset.” I was waiting to cross Main Street, and down the road a couple of blocks, the way the sun was cast, it looked like cars were disappearing as they got to the end of the block – disappearing into a mixture of dew and light cast by the setting sun.

It was beautiful and simple. And for some reason, it made me happy.

Sunday, bloody Sunday (Part Deux)

It’s still not bloody… but damn was it hot!

Haven’t seen Evil Twin today at all. It was like 80 degrees though, so maybe he was hiding out somewhere.

This was Evil Twin hanging out on by the front door last night. He was very crabby. But I did go to the store and buy him some Alley Cat cat food. Not only does its name fit him perfectly (pretending my front door is an alley), it was less than $2 a bag. So he’s probably eating rat feces, but hey, beggers can’t be choosers, damnit.

I am so freakin’ sore

After three days of working out, I’m contemplating the real need for rock hard abs

Ok. I am not old. I am not fat. But I am seriously out of shape. I have worked out 3 days this week, and feel like my legs could fall off at any minute.

Why, oh why can’t I rely on my metabolism to cut me some rock hard, tasty abs that glisten in the sun?

Gordo’s Evil Twin is Back

We are starting to like E.T.

So… I went to get my hair cut today at Tangerine, and when I came back Ian was outside petting E.T. (Evil Twin, the cat that looks like Gordo and won’t leave us alone). E.T. was very friendly today, and I think we started to feel bad for him. We let him come near the door so he and B.K. could look at each other, but E.T., being the Evil Twin that he is, hissed and swatted at B.K.

That was not cool.

So we might take him to the vet and get him checked out, a rabies shot, and possibly tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. But if he’s going to act like an evil bastard all the time to B.K., I don’t know about letting him inside – especially when we’re not home.

Not to mention having to deal with the cougar again (Gordo cougars-out everytime something new is introduced to his otherwise placid environment).

So for now Evil Twin has a box with a towel in it and some water.

Evil Twin trying to watch TV from outside the window.

I joined a health club today and other scribblings

So time with the family was cool. We went out to eat with Ian’s mom, sister and Ronnie on Saturday, and that was fun. Good to get the moms together.

Tomorrow is my last day (or night) in the pharmacy forever! No more working til 11 p.m., long weekends or crazy holidays! At least for now. And I really hope I don’t take that for granted. I am so used to having evenings off 4 days a week that it sucks even harder when I have to work the evening shift. I think I might throw myself a party tomorrow night.

I was getting really stressed out today at work, but then I went to the PACE Center (the exercise facility at the hospital) to learn how to use the machines. That relaxed me a little. Especially when the guy who was showing me around said I would notice a big improvement in my strength and tone in about 6 weeks. And that it was quite possible for me to obtain rock hard tasty abs glistening in the sun (or the house) by June. So now I just need to actually start working out. We’ll work on that Wednesday.

The family is coming to visit!

My mom and two sisters are coming tonight to visit me for the weekend! Hooray! It dawned on me today that I must not suck too bad to have three people drive over 500 miles just to spend 2 days with me.

I think we are going to go to a New Age and Holistic Expo at the fairgrounds. Maybe the Southern Women’s Show, but I went a few years ago and it sucked ass. I’m not really into all that wholesome girly crap. Plus I think my sister Katie would rather get her palm read. And we are totally going to do some shopping! I get paid my overtime check from the last two weeks when I worked an assload of overtime. Cool Springs Galleria, here I come! What’s that? Green Hills misses me?

I don’t think that my family will be here til about 9 p.m., so I guess I am going to grab some food with Ian and maybe Huwe. It is really warm tonight… I’ve got the windows open and the cats are smelling up the outdoors. BK is totally passed out on the fat windowsill in the office. As soon as I upload the photos I’ll try to remember to post some…

Even the WEATHERCHANNEL has a blog.

Where have I been?

OK so I was watching the weather channel last night, and they had a freaking WEATHERblog. What the hell is that about?

I am trying to find someplace cool to go on a mini vacation for my birthday. I can’t decide between Atlanta (always go there), the mountains (nice but potentially boring) or some other city really far away (don’t want to drive too far and gas prices BLOW).

Any ideas would be welcomed. Except those that tell me to piss off or other unniceties.

My venture into blogville.

Ok so I’ve decided to jump on the blog-wagon. I have read some pretty dumb-ass blogs before, but I’ve also read some really good ones. I don’t really care if mine sucks or not. It’s just a blog. But here you are, reading it. Awww…

So today I joined the Cancer Board of my city/county. The president asked me to, and I thought it would be a good civic organization to get involved with. Plus we were visiting with a family who had a four year old kid with cancer, and seeing him run around like every other four year old, not realizing that he may not make it to five was pretty sucky. I guess more for his family than for me, but it still got me thinking about stuff.

Today it had to have been at least 72 degrees outside. That was nice. Not so nice that I was at work all day, but still, it was nice. Thinking about going to the new Dairy Queen and getting some ice cream tonight. Yes it’s Friday night. I am turning into one boring-ass hillbilly. I really need to get out more. And I don’t mean to the Dairy Queen.

Well shit. This blog stuff is boring me already, so me and my ADD are going to go play some old school Nintendo (just found Simon’s Quest today so screw you, you who wouldn’t let me take it with me).

Hope you all are having a much wilder and cooler Friday. Well, it is only 6:17 p.m. I guess the night is young. Not like me.